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YouTube initiates beta testing quiz feature for community posts

YouTube initiates beta testing quiz feature for community posts. The platform that will allow creators to add quizzes to their community posts. The new feature is in beta testing and will only be available to a small number of creators at the time of writing.

As reported, the streaming platform has shared details in a new video on its Creator Insider channel, in which the platform regularly shares updates with creators, answers questions, and shares its experiences and upcoming tests.

In a recent video, the company explained how creators will be able to use the quiz feature to help their followers learn, especially on educational channels.

YouTube's contest feature is expected to be a great tool for content creators who want to grab the attention of their followers and encourage them to engage in deeper discussions with the help of multiple posts, according to the report.

YouTube initiates beta testing quiz feature for community posts

The streaming video platform also said it was testing an image-editing tool, which will now be available in the YouTube app on iOS devices after earlier testing on Android.

The report added that the tool will allow creators to add filters, stickers, and text to images they share in community posts.

A limited few creators will have access to the photo editing feature, according to YouTube. Recently, the company announced more new features for the creator community.

Last week, YouTube began testing new shopping features on its short-form video platform, along with affiliate marketing.

Additionally, the streaming platform has also announced that short-form video creators will soon be able to feature up to one minute of copyrighted music in their short films.

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