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Apple Partners with Epic Systems to Offer Health Record Tool on macOS

To make the Health Records tool available on macOS, Apple has teamed up with the provider of medical records, Epic Systems.

Apple wanted Epic Systems to develop a native version of the tool for macOS, but the latter is working on a version that would be easier to use than a native app, Apple reports internally.

Epic Systems is the largest provider of electronic medical records in the United States. A 2021 report indicated that more than 250 million patients have a medical record maintained by Epic Systems.

Last month, Apple's latest macOS Ventura update introduced the "Continuity Camera" feature that allowed users to connect their iPhone to a Mac to use as a webcam with apps like FaceTime or Zoom.

Apple Partners with Epic Systems

With the new feature, users were able to use their iPhone as a webcam by connecting it wirelessly to their Mac.

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