Are we ready for the technology that is on its way?

Autonomous Cars: With machine learning and artificial intelligence being considered as the next big things of technology, the concept of self driving cars is on

With technology forming an integral part of almost every activity pursued by humans, we are witnessing some mind blowing technological advancements. Starting from some endless opportunities starting from the mobile revolution, technology has spread its wings in creating devices that can be used in almost any and every field. The developments in technology are touching and changing life of millions making our day to day life very comfortable. Let’s have a look at what all is on its way:

Autonomous Cars: With machine learning and artificial intelligence being considered as the next big things of technology, the concept of self driving cars is on the radar of all the tech giants. A lot of companies have pitched in features like multiple sensors attached, park-assist, self-parking, autonomous payments, etc. Going by the news, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur, Kanpur and Bombay are also working on 'autonomous vehicle solutions' or driverless solutions. It is a project evoking interest from Indian automotive companies and we are sure that it will receive serious adaptation from the Indian customer.

Experiencing the space aissions using virtual reality: There is virtual reality collaboration happening to leverage the technology. Just for an example, Oculus and three space agencies are now available for free to Oculus Rift and Touch owners. It is an attempt which is designed to recreate the Space Station experience and feel like real astronauts. NASA is also spending a lot and claims for setting up several instruments and rover in space. They are using VR to let the public experience what it feels like being on board at various spacecrafts. Who could have imagined that!

Cyborg Technology: In the most basic terms, it is a technology of implementing human features by using artificial means. We have medical examples like heart implants, pacemakers, heart valves, etc. as well as those that incorporate technology into the body. Imagine something like a memory implant where we can revisit all sorts of memories and nice times regardless of where an individual is. This blend of the human and the mechanical will be the biggest evolutionary leap. 

Ultra high-speed trains: Making headlines as the latest technologies, as per the news, the Hyperloop should be able to travel at 750 mph. It is a technology that can carry humans at speeds faster than that of sound. Such kind of technology in transportation is a concept which is being developed to make transportation not only faster, but also more affordable.

IoT in Agriculture: Providing real-time data statics like soil moisture and crop growth, the farmers will be able to make optimised use of their land and ensure its fertility for a longer period of time. This will in turn make crop monitoring and management much easier.

Flexible technology: With every passing year, our mobiles and laptops are up with innovative new solutions. Not only they become slim with time, but also with sensors, chipsets, batteries and other modules of becoming as thin as paper. Samsung has been in the news for the launch of its phone with a crazy flexible screen that bends and unfolds like a wallet to reveal multiple screens.

Thus, time is not far when we will have autobots not only reading, but also controlling the human mind. We can even have higher applications like sending emails, Internet surfing, playing games, etc. all in our mind. The question is that are we ready for the technology that is on it’s way! 

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