Top 10 great business ideas for students in India

6. Social media influencers: Today, social media is incredibly popular and is a powerful marketing tool. If you have good skills in creating online content to

Lately, the company's platform advancements have opened up numerous fruitful business growth prospects. The concept of establishing a career for the younger generation in India is undergoing a significant transformation due to these advancements. Young students are no longer interested in being stuck in the old-fashioned pattern of studying and working for money. Hence, launching a business while continuing your education is a smart strategy for a successful future. But, prior to starting a new business, you must ensure that you select the appropriate structure for your company. If you are searching for student-friendly business ideas with promising potential, take a look at the following attractive business plans.

1. Dropshipping:


If you want a low-cost idea, consider becoming a dropshipper. You have the ability to establish an online store for your selected items, without the need to keep inventory on hand. When making purchases, you have the option of selling the product to the customer and then forwarding the purchase order to an external supplier, who will send the merchandise directly to the consumer. You ought to increase prices slightly in order to generate profits. The beauty of dropshipping is that there's no need to be concerned about storing and buying inventory. Having a strong internet connection is all that is required to achieve this. Here are some suggestions for beginning your journey as a drop shipper:

  • Choose a niche and product category to focus your marketing.
  • Officially document your business concept and verify that your activities are in compliance with the law.
  • Find reliable suppliers and high-quality products to sell at cost-effective prices.
  • Create a website to sell your chosen products and make sure it is easy to use.
  • Create a plan to attract customers and reach your goal.
  • Adopting effective marketing strategies.

2. Affiliate marketing:

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a highly efficient method to earn money online. Simply promote products and services from other companies. It operates by partnering with various companies and marketing their products to prospective customers. You will receive a commission for every purchase made through a clicked affiliate link. Success in affiliate marketing requires proficient problem-solving, communication, innovation, and technical knowledge. Having this skill can enable you to make substantial sums of money without needing to invest any funds. There is unlimited earning potential and you have the opportunity to work with numerous brands simultaneously. You have the option to begin with:

  • Choose your industry and the products you want to promote.
  • Build an audience and create relevant content.
  • Create an attractive marketing strategy.
  • Make sure to choose well-known and popular products to reach the markets.

3. Freelancing:


Students need the flexibility of working hours. Freelancing is the perfect business concept because it provides a reliable income and flexible work hours. The rise of social media and digital technologies has made freelancing increasingly popular, allowing students to work on their own terms. Some of the most sought-after freelance services include graphic design, web design, social media management, content writing, content creation, data entry, SEO, and more. You can commence with:

Define your skills and showcase your skills as a freelance service.
Ensure that you utilize the correct platform to display your set of skills.
Make sure you create a high-quality portfolio with samples of your work.
Make sure you deliver high-quality work that meets your clients' requirements.

4. Digital Marketing:

digital marketing

Digital marketing has gained immense popularity in recent times. E-commerce companies are greatly leveraging the popularity of digital marketing to generate greater sales. Digital marketing entails the process of promoting and publishing products, services and content on digital media. Web design, search engine optimization (SEO), content curation, email marketing, social media management, etc. are different fields that students can do to earn money. Data analysis, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), communication skills, etc. are some of the skills you must have to excel in this field.

5. Blogging:


Sharing your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and creativity can also bring in some extra cash. Blogging can serve as a creative outlet and also a potential source of income. Express your true self through writing blogs and posting them on the internet. It is essential to possess strong communication, copywriting, research, and creativity skills. In blogging, you have full control over the entire process, which is a beautiful aspect of it. You can effortlessly create personal brands and position yourself as authorities.

6. Social media influencers:

social media influencers

Today, social media is incredibly popular and is a powerful marketing tool. If you have good skills in creating online content to inspire and engage your viewers, you can become a social media influencer and make money. You can build your personal brand online and gain tremendous recognition for your talent, creativity, and expertise. Here are some tips to start being a social media influencer:

  • Identify an area to influence people.
  • Create a social media presence on various social media platforms.
  • Create high-quality content that engages and engages viewers.

7. Online Seller:

online selling business

Doing e-commerce business has become very popular and profitable nowadays. This option requires low investment and maintenance, making it ideal for students. Online selling business models mainly involve sourcing products from wholesalers and selling them on different online platforms at prices that are more attractive to target consumers. Analytical, technical and communication skills are needed to manage an online retail business.

8. Event Management:

event management

Organize and plan various events such as parties, weddings, conferences, exhibitions, etc. It is known as event management. This type of business requires a little effort and physical presence to ensure success. You'll need to coordinate with customers, vendors, team members, and more. Problem-solving skills, creativity, communication skills, and organizational skills are essential to running an event management business.

9. Amazon FBA:

amazon fba

Fulfillment by Amazon is called Amazon FBA. This is a service provided by Amazon to enable online sellers to outsource their shipping and order fulfillment functions. To do this, you need to be good at time management and have good marketing skills. Income varies depending on the job type. There are many benefits to starting your business with Amazon FBA. Choose the business model that's right for you and manage your business from anywhere online. Therefore, this is an ideal job for any student.

10. Content curator:

content curation

Due to the rise in digital media and various social media platforms, content curation has emerged as a very profitable career choice. It allows students to make a good salary while continuing their education. The focus of content writing and creation will be directed towards particular target audiences. It is possible to create podcasts, blogs, videos, graphics, web applications, e-books, and more. This is achievable at any time and in any place while still prioritizing academics. All you need are effective communication abilities and creative thinking. Here are some suggestions for getting started:

  • Discover your niche: You can choose a specific niche, which is your passion, and focus on creating content in that niche. This will help you stand out and enable you to build a loyal viewership.
  • Create quality content: Your content should be well created to give viewers some substance. It enables you to build credibility and expand exposure.
  • Leverage the power of social media: Social media is a great way to promote your business and build a community. You can also interact with viewers via these platforms.
  • Monetize Your Content: After you have proven yourself, you can choose to monetize your content by selling it or even offering consulting services. You can also work as a freelancer to make extra income.

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