Use blogging to generate startup revenue

You can add value to a blog by creating content that will bring value to the audience. Great content is unduplicated, reliable and arranged in the right manner.

Across the startup world, content is the king. But not all content is the king, high quality, reliable and unduplicated content can work as a king for your business. Content marketing is a strategy,giving great results and enabling startups to reach new users. Content or blogging is useful in generating interest in your products, reach to an increased user base and convert them into clients. An important aspect for startups is to understand that blogging can generate revenues. In order to ensure that your blog is headed in the right direction, you must set goals for the blog which are in line with the goals of your startup. Develop a strategy that aims to help generate revenue for the startup. You can also use the blog to increase your search rankings, to generate traffic or to simply be recognized as an expert in the industry.In the absence of strategy, your blog will have little or no success. The visibility and value of the blog will be the main assets for your business. 

You can add value to a blog by creating content that will bring value to the audience. Great content is unduplicated, reliable and arranged in the right manner. The content should be engaging and should make your audience pause and read, if they like the quality of your content, the same will have likes, comments and shares. Social Media has made it extremely easy to share the content and link it with your website. One can reach a larger audience and also ensure that the content gets the right platform. Blogs consist of slideshares, infographics, graphs, videos, surveys, podcasts, etc. You can also try paid advertising to leverage your content on various platforms. Publishing good content is not enough; you need to ensure optimum content marketing so as to reap the benefits of the process.

Blogging helps in building a user base and generating leads. There are various inbound marketing techniques that can be used to share the content as well as develop an interest in your product or services offered. Getting a lead is the first step and this lead is then converted into sales, which will eventually increase your revenue. After generating a steady base of customers, you can ensure that all your articles or blogs are sent to them via an email. This way you can use the email marketing strategy and ensure that leads are generated. Every time your blog content is shown in the search results, you are investing in the assets which will reap benefits for you. In contrast to paid advertising, where the website stops appearing when you stop investing, organic content attracts traffic constantly. This is why having a blog with great content is beneficial to attract traffic as compared to opting for paid advertising.

Another way of generating revenue through your blog is by integrating ads, but you need to have a lot of traffic on your blog in order to make money through the ads. One more method of making extra bucks is by opting for affiliate marketing. This is a form of marketing where you promote the products of another company on your blog. You will get a commission when a person clicks on the product and makes a purchase.

You will need to gain visibility in order to make the most of your time and effort put into the blog. Make a social media strategy and develop a strong social media presence by sharing your content in a unique and catchy manner. You can publish the same post on different platforms with a different catchy line and it will gain attention from different users. All said and done, you have to keep in mind that it will take a significantly long period to gain visibility and generate revenues through blogging. Resilience is the key for the success of your startup. 

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