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WhatsApp adds carts. Here's how to buy online

WhatsApp strives to provide a seamless shopping experience from within its app. In a step in the right direction, WhatsApp has introduced "carts" to replicate the shopping experience of e-commerce platforms. Shopping carts can be understood simply as the "Add to Cart" button. This feature will allow users to order multiple items simultaneously.

“By using shopping carts, people can browse a catalogue, choose multiple products, and send the order as a message to the company. This will make it easier for companies to track order inquiries, manage customer orders, and close sales.

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With these features, WhatsApp tries to help small business owners across India to sell products directly to their customers. Note that the company must present a product catalogue by being a WhatsApp Business user first to access the auto function.

Here's how to use WhatsApp to order online:

-Open WhatsApp.

-Go to the chat or business profile of the company where you want to place an order.

-Click on the shopping button icon that appears next to your name to access your catalogue.

-Once you open the catalogue, browse for the products you want to order.

-Touch the product you like best.

- Click on Add to Cart on the product if you want to place an order. Alternatively, you can also touch the commercial message if you want to ask a specific question about the product.

To change orders, this is what you need to do:

-Click on View Cart to view all products added to your cart.

- Click on Add more if you want to go back to the catalogue to keep adding more products.

-You can also adjust the quantity of each product added to your cart.

-After adding items to your cart, you can send them to seller as a WhatsApp message. Once shipped, you will be able to view your order details by clicking the VIEW CART button in the chat with seller window.

WhatsApp's popularity as a marketing service means that the company recently announced that it is investing in new business functions. This includes offering hosting services to companies to manage their WhatsApp messages and expanding ways for customers to make purchases directly from the chat.

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