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A deadly coronavirus infection has made people skeptical to step out of their homes even it's about their health. They will self-medicate or go for teleconsultation, but they will not visit a doctor. However, experts note that hospitals, especially single specialty hospitals, are now safe and that people should not ignore their health in such unprecedented times. One of the most important health requirements is to vaccinate your child when services are available because they protect him from serious diseases. The World Health Organization also warned us, saying that immunisation is a basic health service that could be affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic and disruption of immunisation services, even for short periods, will increase the number of people at risk and increase the possibility of an outbreak. Vaccine-prone diseases (VPD) such as measles.

kid's vaccination

A recent report by the World Health Organization showed that as many as 80 million children under one year old worldwide are missing basic vaccines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the lockdown has now been lifted, the vaccination of your children should not be delayed. This outbreak has already warned us how valuable vaccines are. It shows us that when there is a vaccine available for a disease, we must keep ourselves and our children aware of that vaccine. Without vaccine protection, diseases can spread quickly and with severe effects. For example, measles, hepatitis, and other diseases remain a constant threat. We are extremely fortunate to have vaccination protection against these diseases.

Basic vaccinations needed to be given to newborns and children:


* Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B

* Polio (oral and injectable)


* Chickenpox

* Typhoid

* Influenza

* Rotavirus

It is not recommended to delay vaccination of children without informing the doctor, because it weakens immunity. The extent of the problem depends on how long the vaccines are delayed and whether children who have missed one or two doses have access to their doctors ’calendars before returning to school or daycare. The classic catastrophe of not following the vaccination schedule was the re-emergence of measles in the United States. The country was grappling with an outbreak of isolated and preventable diseases, with states seeing a decrease in the number of young children vaccinated due to media misinformation and fear of vaccines.

Importance of Vaccine calendar

Parents sometimes worry about giving multiple vaccines at once, which is a necessity of the schedule, especially for visits 6, 10, and 14 weeks. Not only is it safe, but when parents extend hours, the child takes longer to protect themselves. It is necessary to follow the vaccination schedule to protect children from vaccine-preventable diseases. Pediatricians schedule visits so children can get protection when they need it, and doses are set so that the vaccine itself has the best effect. When parents do not follow the schedule, their children may not be protected. Therefore, it is very important to maintain immunization schedules for newborns, infants, and adult children as well.

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