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The following listed countries have reported the highest number of cases: Italy Deaths: 5,476 Cases: 59,138   Mainland China Deaths:

The Coronavirus outbreak is a pandemic as the confirmed cases of Covid-19 all over the World have passed over 339,039. The coronavirus can end up causing several pneumonia-like symptoms such as coughs, fever, and difficulty in breathing.

How it all started

The coronavirus outbreak originated from Wuhan city in China. From there, it spread to several countries and has reached every continent except Antarctica. The European region has been severely affected by the virus.

Although it started in China, the majority of the cases and fatalities have now be reported outside of China.  It has been recognized that the source of the coronavirus is a "wet market" in Wuhan where both dead and live animals are sold such as fish and birds. These markets pose a huge risk of the viruses transferring from animals to humans as they don't maintain the proper hygiene standards especially when live animals are kept and butchered on-site.

The animal source of this outbreak has not been identified till now but it is suspected to be bats. Bats had not been sold at the market in Wuhan but they may have infected the live chickens or other animals kept there.

The coronavirus was first reported in China and has now spread to over 100 countries across the world, including Europe, the Americas, and Asia. There has been a very large number of cases in Italy. Because of this, the authorities have imposed a lockdown in the country. The disease has also spread rapidly to the Middle East including Iran.

As of today, there have been more than 339,026 confirmed Coronavirus cases in more than 185 countries and territories. Out of these, over 14,698 deaths and 99,014 recoveries have been recorded so far.

Coronavirus Outbreak

The following listed countries have reported the highest number of cases:

  • Italy

Deaths: 5,476

Cases: 59,138


  • Mainland China

Deaths: 3,270

Cases: 81,093


  • Iran

Deaths: 1,685

Cases: 21,638


  • Spain

Deaths: 1,772

Cases: 28,768


  • France

Deaths: 674

Cases: 16,018


  • USA

Deaths: 452

Cases: 34,755

However, as of today,  new cases in China have gradually slowed and today China reported zero cases in a day. But the virus is spreading globally. It has been difficult to contain the virus as many people have experienced it in mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Countries all across the world are continuously taking serious measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Australia and New Zealand made an announcement that they will be blocking all foreigners from entry and the citizens and residents who are returning from abroad will need to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Stages of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly to various parts of the world. COVID-19 is a pandemic that ended up disrupting the World Economy and has forced the governments to take drastic measures to stop the spread of this disease. There are a total of four stages of coronavirus outbreak. These are as follows: 

Coronavirus Outbreak

STAGE-1: Cases that have been imported

The initial stage of the virus when the virus gets transmitted by the people who have been traveling from abroad. In India, initially, the virus was carried by a group of Italians who were later tested and results were positive for COVID-19. 

STAGE-2: Local Transmission

In the second stage, people who have come in contact with those having a travel history to the countries that have been affected by it. Currently, India is in its second stage of the coronavirus pandemic. 

STAGE-3: Community Transmission

Community transmission takes place when the person infected person has not come in the contact with someone having a travel history to the countries that have been affected by the virus. This causes a Large scale spread of the coronavirus. India has not reached the third stage of the virus yet.

STAGE-4: Epidemic

The last stage of the coronavirus outbreak. It had happened in China where a large number of people got infected with the coronavirus. There was an exponential rise in the number of confirmed cases and deaths.  

Which Stage of the Coronavirus Outbreak in India currently in?

The government of India is taking unprecedented measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19. In the wake of the Coronavirus, several measures have been taken such as suspending the commercial aircraft from 22nd March 2020, asking people to continue working from their homes.

Currently, India is in the Third stage of Coronavirus. The Director-General of Indian Council of Medical Research has said that India is currently in the 2nd stage (local transmission) of the coronavirus. Many countries of the world have had a worse impact on Coronavirus than India.

He further added, "There are total four stages. The third stage is of community transmission which we are hoping that it does not happen. It will totally depend on how we are able to close our borders. The government has taken some steps to make sure of that.

However, India is currently passing through the most crucial phase. As per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the country is currently in the stage of local transmission and there is no sign of community transmission as of now. 

How did it start in India

India reported its first confirmed case of Coronavirus on 30th January 2020. An Indian student who returned from the city of Wuhan (where the virus was originated back to Kerala. The second case was confirmed in an individual with a travel history to China

The total number of cases in India are now more than 200 spread across the different parts of the country. The total cases include 163 Indians citizens and 32 are foreign nationals. On Thursday, 19th March 2020,  India reported its fourth death due to COVID-19 infection. He was a 72-year-old man who died in Punjab after returning from Germany via Italy. The other three deaths had been reported from Delhi, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

The cases in Maharashtra have been rising and are 74  as of now. There are 40 Coronavirus patients in Kerala. Delhi has 26 confirmed cases and Telangana has recorded the highest number of reported cases on 18th March, Wednesday after a group of seven Indonesian foreigners and a youth, who had returned from Scotland were confirmed positive with coronavirus.

Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have reported a total of 17 coronavirus cases. In Uttar Pradesh, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases have reached 24.   Presently,  there are 17 cases each in Haryana and Rajasthan. Ladakh has reported 10 coronavirus cases including one of an Indian Army soldier. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that there are a total of 20 patients that have been discharged by now.

On Thursday, 19th March 2020, the Indian government banned the entry of any international commercial passenger aircraft to land in the country 22nd March till 29th March.

Indian Railways has also suspended the booking of all of the tickets, except for the patients, students and Divyangjan or people with disabilities for both the unreserved and reserved segments from 20th March till the further notice. This has been done to prevent senior citizens from traveling.

The Indian government has taken a drastic step to prevent a rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called out to the whole country on national television for starting a 'Janata curfew' on Sunday, 22nd March 2020. Modi Ji has asked citizens to stay indoors from 7 am till 9 pm on 22nd March.

The Western Railways has canceled its AC local services in the state of Maharashtra from 20th March 2020. The AC local trains will be replaced by the non-AC suburban trains till 31st March 2020. The Punjab government has suspended the use of public transport services after the state had reported the first death because of  COVID-19 infection. The Authorities have imposed Section 144 of CrPC in Noida so that they can avoid public gathering.

Most provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 have been invoked in the country. The educational institutions and several commercial establishments are shut down. All the sources of entertainment including Movie theatres, bars, etc. have also been shut down. India has suspended the tourist visas due to the reason that most of the cases have been linked to other countries.

The first case of the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic in India had been confirmed on 30th January 2020 as it had originated from China. On 21st March 2020, the total number of confirmed cases has reached 236 and 4 deaths.

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