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US-based Vimana sees potential in India Air taxi coming soon?

Evgeni Borisov said he sees potential in the deploying of unmanned aerial vehicles as he is preparing to market its prototype across international cities.

The US-based air taxi service provider is planning to launch unmanned aerial vehicles for the business executives who face the problem of massive traffic jams across Indian metro cities.


A blockchain based air taxi service provider, Vimana Global Inc. said that it was working on a plan to provide aerial commuting solution for busy executives in four major cities of India which include Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. The Founder and CEO of the Delaware based company; Evgeni Borisov mentioned that he sees potential in the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles as he prepares to market a prototype of the same across international cities.

India has been working on options to manage the city traffic in major metros by the inclusion of transportation modes such as boat taxis, speed boats, seaplanes. He also mentioned that vertical take-off and landing autonomous aerial vehicles could also be an option. He further mentioned that the team has already worked out a daily aerial commuting solution for busy executives across major cities in India.

Vimana will be holding demonstration flights in Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo, Dallas and Toronto. A number of parts for the first prototype have been produced in the country. Evgeni Borisov mentioned that they aim to manufacture some parts of the vehicle under the ‘Make in India’ initiative by the Government since it will help keep the cost of the vehicle low and enable them to compete with vehicular traffic.

With business executives always on a lookout for ways to reduce their time in traffic jams, looks like there is a solution in place. The company aims to use the blockchain technology to enable management of its UAVs while turning the UAVs into blockchain nodes and thus creating an air traffic control system across Class Bravo, which is ground to 2000 meters. This will develop an urban airspace around the world and will bring about a huge transformation in the transportation and commuting of individuals.

In a blockchain system, the transactions made between two parties are recorded chronologically and recorded in a publicly open digital ledger. A team of engineers, led by Borisov is currently developing a two and four-seater unmanned aerial vehicle. An air taxi could bring huge relief to the executives who spend hours in commuting every day. Although the launch of this technology might take a while, it will bring an essential solution for the commuting trouble.

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