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Union govt issues guidelines for covid vaccination

The COVID vaccine will be offered first to healthcare workers, frontline workers and people over 50, in accordance with operational vaccination guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Health on Monday.

Then it will be offered to people under 50 years of age with associated morbidity depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation and, finally, to the rest of the population according to the epidemiology of the disease and the availability of vaccines, in accordance with the guidelines.

The priority group of those over 50 years of age may be divided into those over 60 and between 50 and 60 for the purposes of gradual implementation depending on the status of the epidemic and the availability of the vaccine, in accordance with the guidelines shared with the countries.

“The latest Lok Sabha electoral list and the Legislative Council elections will be used to identify persons 50 years of age and older. The COVID Vaccine Information Network system, which is a digital system, will be used to track registered beneficiaries for vaccination in real time. At the vaccination site, pre-registered recipients will be vaccinated. Only according to priorities and there will be no immediate registration requirement. "

The government plans to vaccinate people in sessions with 100 beneficiaries each. Most healthcare workers and frontline workers will be vaccinated at fixed session sites, while vaccination of other high-risk populations may require awareness session sites and mobile sites / teams. States and UT can set specific days for vaccination, the center said.

The integrity of the vaccine must be ensured while it is stored, transported and delivered with proper deployment to the police so that there are no leaks in the administration system.

States have been asked to assign the manufacturer's vaccine to the district to avoid mixing different vaccines in the field.

The government also said that pollinators must monitor people who have been vaccinated and inform the vaccination official immediately if there are any adverse reactions.

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases continue to rise in India. The total number exceeded 9,897,200 and the death toll reached 144,512. Active cases in India are 352,586, which represents 3.57% of all positive cases. Up to 27,071 new cases were added to the number in the last 24 hours, while 30,695 cases were cured at the same time.

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