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Jio News - Reliance Jio launches Jio Glass, its first smart glasses to take on Snap Spectacles 3

Jio News - Reliance Jio launched its first Jio Glass in India at the 43rd AGM. Jio Glass is an answer to Snap's Spectacles 3 that was launched earlier this month but contains relatively more use cases. Unlike Snap's Spectacles 3, Jio Glass focuses on video calls amid the sudden surge in telecommunications requests using video amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Jio Glass uses 3D holographic images of the participants in a video call in a mixed reality environment.

As per Jio News, Jio Glass was launched as a next-generation product focused on the beginning of the 5G network. At the assembly meeting, Jio said he is determined to make India a truly digital society and that it will require hardware and network infrastructure upgrade. Jio Glass will be formative in the company's plans to control the 5G jump in India when it starts. Since Jio Glass will connect seamlessly to the network, 5G will facilitate video conferencing directly in front of the user's eyes. Jio says he will start testing 5G in India once the spectrum is sold at auction.

Jio Glass

Jio says his high-tech glasses will allow people to join video conferencing in a smoother, more advanced way by holographically appearing in them according to Jio News. But participants can also join video meetings through regular video, which shows mixed-use reality, a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality. Jio Glass will be linked via a mobile phone that can also be used to share files and presentations with participants. There will be support for viewing presentations within Jio Glass. Jio Glass will be available to both individuals and companies in India.

Jio Glass weighs 75 grams and comes with my spatial audio, so the meetings have a very clear sound. The smart glasses support all audio and video formats and support 25 video conferencing and collaboration applications, one of which is the recently released JioMeet in response to Zoom. There are HD mount displays instead of regular lenses.

Jio has not said anything about when Jio Glass will be shipped to customers or what the price will be. For reference, Snap Spectacles cost Rs 29,999 in India, which means Jio Glass will be priced lower than that.

Reliance Jio has also enhanced its Jio TV + service with a new interface, which looks strangely like Apple TV +. Jio TV + will group all content from different OTT platforms and TV channels under one roof so that customers do not have to navigate each section and page from the interface. Jio TV + is now available to all Jio Fiber customers, along with the broadband subscription.

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