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Top 30 best-funded Startup of India 2020

With more than 1.3 billion people and a rapidly growing economy, India is a key country for startups to participate in massive funds to gain market share. India is a battleground for companies that aim for massive growth and consolidate their position as a long-term global technology leader. Startup of India operate in many industries and lead companies primarily through new technologies. Building on innovation to create new production systems, emerging Indian companies are disrupting many industries, including retail, transportation, hospitality, automotive, food delivery, logistics, finance, and insurance.

Some of these startup of India is already well known in India, reaching a large part of the population with their products and services. But with their rapid growth in the Indian subcontinent, some of these young companies have already started operations abroad and are becoming international brands. Having achieved overall success thanks to the country's exceptional demographics, many Indian startups have already achieved the well-known "Unicorn" status, that is, valued at more than $ 1 billion.

List of the 30 top-funded startup of india  

startup of india

30. InCred

Industry: Financial services - Total financing: $ 187.5 million

InCred startup of India is an online credit provider for personal and business loans. It relies on data analysis to facilitate and accelerate loans and offers a range of financial products including home, car and vehicle loans, educational loans, and SME loans.

startup of india

29. Cars 24

Industry: Transportation - Total Financing: $ 193.8 million

Cars24 startup of India is an online platform to sell used cars. People can sell their used cars through a very simple process that can take less than an hour. Users can make an estimate online before taking their cars to the Cars24 branch for inspection. If the inspection is passed, Cars24 buys the car, and payment and ownership are completed.

startup of india

28. Mu Sigma

Industry: Data and Analysis - Total Funding: $ 211.4 million

Mu Sigma startup of India is a management consulting company that mainly offers data science services. Dedicated to finding management solutions through decision science and big data analysis, Mu Sigma offers a range of solutions for marketing, risk, and supply chain analysis for a number of industries.

startup of india

27. Meesho

Industry: Commerce and marketing - Total financing: $ 215.2 million

Meesho startup of India is a social commerce platform and network of online distributors. People and companies across India can create online stores and sell products within their network on social channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

startup of india

26. ShareChat

Industry: social network, mobile application - Total financing: $ 222.8 million

ShareChat startup of India is a platform for social networks and regional content, which allows Indians to use the Internet in their native language. ShareChat aims to bring relevant local content to smartphone users across India in Hindi languages including Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, and Malayalam.

startup of india

25. Billdesk

Industry: Financial services - Total financing: $ 241.4 million

Billdesk startup of India is an electronic payment service that operates as part of IndiaIdeas Corporation. Founded in 2000, Billdesk is a leading online payment gateway company that enables banks, companies, and other institutions to deliver invoices to customers for payments in India.

24. Lendingkart

Industry: Financial services - Total financing: $ 242.5 million

Lendingkart startup of India is an online loan provider for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Through its online platform and advanced data analytics, it evaluates and evaluates businesses to quickly approve loans and provide working capital and financial solutions across India.

startup of india

23. CarDekho

Industry: Transportation - Total financing: $ 247.5 million

CarDekho startup of India is a new and used car market, news, comparison, and review platform. It helps Indians buy and sell cars through agreements with car manufacturers, used car classifieds, and a range of related tools and services. CarDekho also launched its expansion to Southeast Asia and the United Arab Emirates. 

startup of india

22. Rivigo

Industry: Logistics - Total Finance: $ 257.4 million

Rivigo startup of India is a technology backed logistics company. By working with the controller model first, Rivigo provides reliable and timely delivery while ensuring drivers' quality of life. The digital trucking market offers multiple options, including trucking and cargo logistics to improve the performance of carriers and fleet operators.

startup of india

21. Blackbuck

Industry: Logistics - Total Finance: $ 297 million

Blackbuck startup of India offers a technical transportation and logistics platform in India. It facilitates truck and shipper operations thanks to the loading platform that improves the use of trucks and the platform for truck services, infrastructure, and fleet management.

startup of india

20. Pine Labs

Industry: Financial services - Total financing: $ 310.8 million

Pine Labs startup of India is a financial technology company that offers finance and the latest retail business. By hosting a trading platform and POS machines, Pine Labs trains more than 70,000 retailers and retailers, helping them increase their revenue and reduce cost, complexity, and risk, in India, Malaysia, and other Asian locations.

startup of india

19. InMobi

Industry: Core Programs - Total Funding: $ 320.6 million

InMobi startup of India is a company dedicated to providing cloud-based marketing services. It houses an initial mobile platform that supports a range of services including market analysis, marketing campaign performance management, in-app marketing, and monetization for brands, developers, and publishers.

startup of india

18. PharmEasy

Industry: Health - Total Financing: $ 328.5 million

PharmEasy startup of India is a pharmacy complex, where it helps Indian patients communicate with local pharmacies and diagnostic centers. People can buy medical drugs and health care products at local pharmacies and can also conduct diagnostic tests online.

startup of india

17. CureFit

Industry: Fitness - Total Financing: $ 404.6 million

CureFit startup of India is a health and fitness company that provides healthy food and professional exercise through digital and offline experiences. Serve meals, run gyms, trainers, or group-led training lessons for bodybuilding and mental wellness.

startup of india

16. FirstCry

Industry: Commerce and purchases - Total financing: $ 418.4 million

Firscry startup of India, an e-commerce platform specializing in baby care products, clothing, and baby toys, is the pioneer of e-commerce in India offering products from thousands of brands. After expanding to franchise stores, Firstcry now offers its products through dozens of stores in many Indian cities.

startup of india

15. Quikr

Industry: Commerce and marketing - Total financing: $ 424.2 million

Quikr startup of India is a free classifieds market that operates across India. By linking supply and demand through its platform, Quickr helps users sell, buy, rent, and discover a wide range of products, including mobile phones, furniture, home goods, cars, real estate, jobs, services, and education.

startup of india

14. Lenskart

Industry: Health - Total Financing: $ 459.6 million

Lenskart startup of India is a retail company dedicated to glasses and eyeglasses. The company operates over 500 stores across India and has established itself as a leader in the field of e-commerce in the field of glasses, offering hundreds of glasses designs including some of the world's leading brands as well as a policy home delivery and free return for 48 hours.

startup of india

13. Policy Bazaar

Industry: Financial services - Total financing: $ 496.6 million

The policy bazaar startup of India is the insurance complex. Allows users to compare health insurance, auto insurance, two-wheeler insurance, travel insurance policies based on price, quality, and key benefits, along with solutions for financial security and competitive returns.

startup of india

12. Grofers

Industry: commerce and trade - Total financing: $ 597.1 million

Grofers startup of India is an online supermarket. Grofers offers a range of products at low prices, including groceries, cosmetics, wellness, home care, childcare, or pet care, and simplifies everyday retail stores with a simple online shopping experience and express delivery across India.

startup of india

11. Udaan

Industry: electronic commerce - Total financing: $ 899.9 million

Udaan startup of India is a commercial and market platform between companies. It enables small and medium-sized companies in India to discover products, customers, and suppliers, communicates with them, buy, and sell. Udaan brings together Indian merchants, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers on a single platform.

startup of india

10. Zomato

Industry: Food and beverages - Total financing: $ 914.6 million

Zomato startup of India is the restaurant search and reservation application. It is used by consumers to discover, rate, and comment on restaurants. Zomato also offers services that include online ordering, table reservation, a private label platform, and a point of sale system to connect restaurants with customers and facilitate their operations. Since its creation in 2008, Zomato has expanded to more than 20 countries.

startup of india

9. Delhivery

Industry: Logistics - Total Finance: $ 934.6 million

Delhivery startup of India is a logistics and supply chain company. It provides a dedicated platform for supply chain and logistics services including last-mile delivery, package transportation, warehousing, shipping, reverse logistics, cross-border services, and technology.

startup of india

8. BigBasket

Industry: commerce and purchases - total financing: $ 1.1 billion

BigBasket startup of India is an online grocery and food store. BigBasket brings daily shopping to the Indians' house in an easy and comfortable experience and offers and offers a wide range of products including fruits, vegetables, meat, rice, snacks, packaged products, drinks, and personal care products.

startup of india


Industry: Education - Total Funding: $ 1.4 billion

BYJU’S startup of India is an online educational platform and an educational service provider. It offers a set of online video courses for children of all ages and students preparing for exams that include CBSE, GMAT, GRE, etc. with study materials and educational tips.

startup of india

6. Swiggy

Industry: food and beverages - total financing: $ 1.6 billion

Swiggy startup of India is a platform for ordering and delivering food. It provides a coordinated menu of restaurants to choose from and a delivery fleet to deliver orders to customers. Thanks to its app, restaurants can get to a new source for customers, and people can get food from their favorite restaurants or new discoveries delivered to their doorstep.

startup of india

5. Snapdeal

Industry: commerce and purchases - total financing: $ 1.8 billion

Snapdeal startup of India is a diverse online shopping platform, offering products ranging from electronics and fashion to home and home appliances. With the support of famous investors like Alibaba, Foxconn, and SoftBank, Snapdeal is heading towards competition with the best eCommerce websites in India.

startup of india

4. ReNew Power

 Industry: Energy - Total Finance: $ 2.8 billion

ReNew Power startup of India is a company dedicated to renewable energy. It develops, builds owns and operates renewable energy production facilities with the wind, solar, utility-scale and rooftop solar projects. The largest independent renewable energy company in India, dedicated to increasing its production while supporting sustainable business practices.

startup of india

3. Oyo

Industry: travel and tourism - total financing: $ 3.2 billion

OYO startup of India is a hotel chain offering a variety of accommodation experiences across India. Relying on standardization and using its technology platform, OYO has revolutionized inexpensive hospitality with comfortable and affordable hotels. It also offers a range of offers for all types of travelers in India and abroad, in China, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates.

startup of india

2. Ola Cabs

Industry: Transportation - Total Finance: $ 3.8 billion

Ola startup of India operates a passenger transportation platform. It allows the reservation of a group of taxis, bicycles, and other vehicles through a mobile application, which guarantees comfortable, transparent, safe, and fast urban transport. In addition to India, Ola has expanded its activities to other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

startup of india

1. One97 (Paytm)

Industry: Commerce and purchases, financial services - total financing: $ 4.4 billion

One97 startup of India  Communications is a company that operates Paytm, a digital platform for digital products and mobile commerce that offers a series of products and services that include recharging mobile phones, paying bills, transport tickets, hotel reservations, games and much more. . It also operates Paytm Mall, which sells products ranging from men's and women's fashion to home and electronic products, groceries and cosmetics, children and families, as well as cars and other vehicles.

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