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Ecommerce news India |20 yrs and counting, Snapdeal co-founders Friendship

What brings them together "I have to think a lot about all the good things I have to say about Rohit now," Bahl said jokingly when he started the conversation

e-commerce news India

He is a rare businessman who has not seen his share of ups and downs. There is no difference in the story of Snapdeal and its co-founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal. During a business conference in Mumbai on reinventing the unicorns, the two founders spoke extensively about how their spirit and approach to work have evolved. As Per Ecommerce News India evolution of their association was also discussed. 

What brings them together

"I have to think a lot about all the good things I have to say about Rohit now," Bahl said jokingly when he started the conversation on the topic.


He said he couldn't imagine a day in Snapdeal's history for the last 12 years without Bansal at his side. If Rohit hadn’t there I don’t think I would have accomplished one day, he said. And what did his wife say about this? "She wasn't there for 12 Years, so Rohit had the first preference," Snapdeal CEO said

As e-commerce News India defines, Before becoming business partners Bahl and Bansal were friends. We have been friends for 11 years even before we became trading partners. "We know each other from more than 20 years ago," Bansal said. What has really kept us together is an incredible amount of trust and mutual respect ... and this is something that has not been violated in all these years as friends and co-founders." Bahl said.

I feel that the lessons learned from this relationship have given me a happier marriage. I have learned to build a wonderful relationship."

When things get tough ...

People often ask them how they deal with disputes. We often do discussions about certain issues. The way we deal with it may be very different from the way others do it," Bahl said. Both were adopted to resolve the dispute.


For instance, if they disagree with a particular subject, they enter into a room (a translucent glass cabin, interrupted in a Bansal) and speak with it. "We will listen to the opinions of others. At the end of that discussion, whether it takes a day, two or 10 days, we will reach a point of view. It does not matter who it was. Now it is our point of view and we will follow it [as a team.] No one can say that this was a point Rohit's view or was Kunal's view. "


Secret sauce to a great partnership

As Many e-commerce News India says  Differences between the founders can lead to serious destruction of value in companies, a problem that many faces. So what succeeded with Bahl and Bansal? Was it just about having the right chemistry in terms of personality traits or outright planning how to deal with differences?


"I think it's more than newer," Bansal said. "Entrepreneurs, by definition, are always stubborn. At that time, having a dialogue with your co-founder could bring enormous value to the table, where he said: "It may sound moderate to you as a businessman in whom not all of my views are going, but such an association adds value to that dialogue."


We sorted out our differences and made many judgments that worked out properly, and confidence has really increased in the ability to discuss any differences publicly. Now, in fact, unlike the foregoing, when we had different perspectives and our thoughts "Hey, we'll discuss," we hope to exchange ideas with each other so that our thinking process is enriched as a result, "Bansal said.


Bahl added Everyone learns humility after rejections. That's what we saw, too. We are not married to opinions. It does not matter who the outcome is. What does it matter? Did you get the result?

Us versus them syndrome

Do people outside your friendship feel the wall? Possibly, "minor negative", admitted to Bahl. "But the positive aspects of that bonhomie, mutual trust, and respect are very high, even if there is something negative about people always seeing us as a unit, I think it's OK OK." But we also realize that. We do not allow our united meal to stand in the way of hearing the opinion.

Picture Source: The Trade Boss,

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