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JSW Group set to invest ₹250 crore in ecommerce store - Business2Business

JSW Group will invest Rs 250 crore to commence its e-commerce store, JSW One Platforms, which will sell steel, cement and paint products.

The platform is targeting a total annual gross market value run-rate of Rs 500 crore by March 2022.

With this e-commerce company, "we are leveraging our unique position to offer our customers quality products in the most convenient way possible," a JSW Group spokesperson told.

The company has begun the roll-out of the e-commerce business in Tamil Nadu. It will operate on two different technology platforms, to meet the requirements of customers in the business and consumer segments.

Under its B2B category, JSW is creating JSW One MSME, a platform that will provide an e-commerce marketplace for small and medium-sized manufacturers and contractors, including facilitating online transactions, order fulfillment and tracking.

Tata Steel has an online platform, Ashiyana, for the B2C segment, primarily targeted at individual home builders. The company said that around 20-25% of sales come from its online platform.

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Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India launched eSales, which accepts online orders for a range of premium steel products, accompanied by factory-issued quality certificates. The state-owned Steel Corporation of India also has an online platform, Sail Suraksha, to sell steel.

The JSW One MSMSE platform recently started rolling out in Tamil Nadu. During the current fiscal year, it plans to expand into key markets in the south and west, such as Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

"The JSW One MSME platform plans to have a presence across India by March 2023," the company said.

JSW is also in the process of creating another platform, JSW One Homes Technology, to provide home building solutions to individual home builders.

"The platform currently offers a wide range of steel products manufactured by JSW Steel. It will expand its product categories to offer cement and paints during this fiscal year," the spokesperson said.

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