What Is FSSAI’s Project Clean Street Food All About?

The Indian government organization "FSSAI” has introduced a new project about clean street food in India.  The full form of FSSAI is “FOOD SAFETY AND S

India is the third-largest country in the world with a wide range of cultures and diversified food. While India has many food choices, that reflect the local culture. In India, local food is readily available and hence eating that food can make you fall ill. The food that street vendors are dealing with is unquestionably not good for health, or maybe you may face illness after eating that food.  If you are going outside the home, you will find that lots of street food readily available on the street and due to its exotic taste people usually eat it. In fact, there is a report of people that they got ill after eating that local roadside food

The Indian government organization "FSSAI” has introduced a new project about clean street food in India. 

The full form of FSSAI is “FOOD SAFETY AND STANDARDS AUTHORITY OF INDIA” that works for the Indian government to check the food safety standards. This organization got established under the government of India and part of the ministry of health &family welfare. The FSSAI is establishing under the act of food safety, and standards acted in 2006.

It is consolidated with food safety and regulation of India. FSSAI is responsible for protecting and promoting the health of the Indian public. 

You know that food street vendor is often seen as a significant health risk, and it may be unhygienic. We need to make some changes in our behaviour to consume Clean Street Food Health. Food safety and authority of India is always working to establish food safety and regulation in India. The chairmen of FSSAI – Pawan Kumar Agarwal has taken some necessary steps with food business operation, food committee, and media organizations a practice. In which they will making a better house of discussion to bring more friendly food Safety Norms.

The food safety and standards authority of India,  ensure that the food that people eat meets safety and quality. Including some basics that need to be filled like not reusing cooking oil,  not going to use unhealthy food materials like steal bread, butter, unhygienic powder. The FAASI is maintaining some guidelines to stop wrong food from selling in the street vendors.

 The chairman of FSSAI was ensuring the central concept of food Safety Norms that mainly includes all conditions, which are fulfilled by the vendor before selling food in the market.

The CEO of FSSAI is making a part of a team member to raid in Clean Street Food Health. They work for food safety and food development. 


The team has to go on street vendors and check the quality of food; it is must essential that they are checking all menu and ensure that the food is healthy to eat. There many vendors who are going to make unhealthy food to save a little bit more money. 


For a healthy lifestyle, it is must vital that you should eat at the right time.  the FSSAI Certification is associated with the launching of eating right movement The organization teaches both consumers as well as the vendors. 

This report is published in the Times of India, the FSSAI's CEO says that the consumer doesn't have the option to eat a healthy diet. Consumer complains that they don't have a healthy alternative to eat. When they eat outside or packaged food, it is more dangerous to consume. Therefore, the FSSAI's CEO suggests that consumer have to establish their diet plan and maintain rules and regulation for a healthy diet.


In all matter, the one thing that is most essential about the food safety norms, you should know a healthy diet and fresh food is the vital thing, but food safety is also considered in the food plan. People who travel or coming from outside eat this food to fulfil their needs. There is some underlying problem that easily accessible food always keeps in touch with a natural insect. It is the case of any illness or dangerous infection. So that there is an important thing that food vendor or maker always keep their food on the safe side. Food never going to meets connection with infected stuff. We have only thing in India that we have not to protect our food, and even we do not keep it save. 

FSSAI and other organization are going to take a big step to keep food safe. This is only the main agenda to FSSAI Certification. Most of the Indian organization which is included in food safety matter. They always consider this point of food safety. Because of that, this is the only cause of a lifestyle disorder. 


Plastic is a more dangerous thing ever I have heard. Lots of open street vendors are selling their products in plastic packaging. The government bans plastic. Because of that, it not even dangerous for humankind but also terrible for animals like a cow. Through this article, I am requesting that please no more plastic bags. 

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