Samsung Galaxy J6 - User opinions and reviews

The Samsung J6 has a new design and is the only J-series Smartphone with an infinity (18.5:9) display screen, which also includes a super AMOLED display. Let’

Every time I open a Samsung Smartphone, I am pleased to see the packaging. Once you are inside, the Smartphone is at the top with the bottom section reserved for accessories.

It’s been a while ever since we saw an affordable and exciting Smartphone from Samsung. This year, The Galaxy J6 is possibly the first Samsung inexpensive phone worth considering.


The Samsung J6 has a new design and is the only J-series Smartphone with an infinity (18.5:9) display screen, which also includes a super AMOLED display. Let’s talk about what the users think of it and what they hate about the Galaxy J6.

What they loved:

The Design: Like most 18:9 display screens, the Galaxy J6 comes with a 5.6-inch screen and is pleasantly compact. It is built of a plastic body with a superior metal finish.

The Display: The Samsung Galaxy J6 display has the super AMOLED screen on an affordable Smartphone with the 18:9 aspect ratios. The display also provides the option to toggle among pre-defined color profiles which is a much-loved feature among the users.

Battery: The Galaxy J6 is set with a standard 3000mAh battery on doesn’t sound like much, but Samsung delivers on that front and provides exceptional battery backup. The battery backup is enough to last for a day.

Software: Samsung Galaxy S6 is powered by Android Oreo-based software and comes with Experience 9.0 UI. This is a mature and intuitive interface that also has provisions to maintain performance in the long run.

Dedicated card slot: The Samsung Galaxy J6 makes room for a dedicated card slot and you won’t have to give up on dual SIM functionality to augment storage for all your multimedia.

The Performance: The performance of the Galaxy J6 is much better than what I had originally expected. The Exynos 7870 handles the commands and you cannot feel the lag from the slow loading games and apps. But aside from a few problems here and there, you will not see any upsetting impact.

The Extra Apps: The phone comes with Android Oreo is equipped with a lot of extra apps like Samsung Health, SmartThings, Samsung Mall, and features like Ride Mode. You can also secure your files with the Secure Folder app and make UPI payments with Samsung Pay Mini.

What doesn’t works for the users:

Samsung is once again sticking to the speaker placement on the (top) right edge where you will have to adjust your grip to avoid muffling the audio output.

Ageing Chipset: The Samsung Galaxy J6 is powered by the 14nm process-based Exynos octa-core 7870 processor.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy J6 has a 13 MP (f/1.9, 28mm) rear camera and an 8MP (f/1.9) front camera for selfies. The cameras struggle to focus, show poor dynamic range, and details are often lacking.

Samsung Galaxy J6: A Promising Package

The phone impresses with a good display, above average cameras, a polished UI experience, and decent battery life. We only recommend the Samsung Galaxy J6 to budget Smartphone seekers who value a brand image and a robust after sales and support over performance and modern features.

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