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I-Phone Series 2018

iPhone, as we all know, is a series of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Apple has released eleven generations of iPhone models, accompanied by the IOS operating system. The first generation phone was released on June 29, 2007.

With the latest releases from Apple iPhone-8 and iPhone -X has made a huge impact on the mobile market; it is now the biggest mobile phone brand in the world. Let us see how the year 2018 will be for our dream Apple Phones.

There are lots of rumors in the market regarding the releases which are coming up in the month of September and looking at their trend, it seems that Apple will definitely bring the successor of iPhone X. One may come with the standard size of 5.8 display which is present in the current model and the second one will be of larger size, with 6.5-inch display. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the larger one with a 6.5-inch display will have 480 to 500 pixels per inch whereas the 5.8 display 458 pixels per inch. The phones of 2018 could use “Cornings Gorilla Glass-6” which is more durable than the previous gorilla glasses. Along with these two releases it is also rumoured that Apple may launch one lower-cost model with a 6.1-inch screen and 320 to 330 pixels per inch display. This model may be the successor of the phone 8 and 8 plus, and the price is expected to be around $700 to $800.

As no one in the market is sure about the new launches there are different rumors about what may be the names, it may be i phone-x2 or maybe x- plus. It may also be phone -9, the exact name will be known to everyone only after the designs are launched.  With a screen of 6.5 inches, this phone is expected to be one of the largest mainstream smartphones in the market. It is said that while the body will be like the phone 8 and 8s the screen will be a larger one (edge to edge design) like the X model. It is also predicted that the larger model will also have a face ID scanner to unlock the devices.  It is quite obvious that whatever will be launched will use the next generation A12 processor.

This year it is good that they are trying to launch a low- cost model too with all the possible features; it will help them capture the lower end of the market. As of now, that’s all we can say about the releases of 2018; so probably we will have to wait till the end of September 2018 to know all the exact features. Till then let’s keep thinking and predicting the next models of iPhone!


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