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iPhone 11 expected to launch in September 2018

In today's world. We all want the best and look forward to buy the most recent products in the market. It is really very hard to keep track of all the new products and their amazing features. Apple has been launching quite a few products every year and nevertheless, Apple products have always managed to get the attention of its customers. Be it because of the already existing goodwill of Apple or the trendy new features that make the Apple products unique, Apple has surely put up a tough competition with the other brands.

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It was rumoured earlier this year that Apple is to launch their new iPhone 11 in the fall of 2018. It came to us as no surprise keeping in mind the massive success iPhone X was and the kind of revenue it earned for the company. It was also rumoured that Apple might launch more than one product this year. But the launch of iPhone 11 is indeed the most awaited. It is said that the new iPhone will have a better front-facing camera and some other impressive features.

The social media is in a major debate about the nomenclature of the product itself. While we call the successor of iPhone X the iPhone 11, it is in fact not yet decided what the name would be. Surveys are being conducted to name the product but we won’t be sure of it until the autumn hits.

The iPhone X was surely an impressive launch as the market had never seen such a release before. From its camera alignment to its technical features, the iPhone X was the first of its kind.  The iPhone 11 is rumoured to have a triple rear-facing camera lens. The iPhone SE will also be updated soon and the new model might have a bigger screen. It was also speculated that the iPhone 11 will be releasing in fun new colours, something that the market has never seen before from Apple.

Apple released the iPhone 8 in the September of 2017 and it then released iPhone 10 in the November of the same year. With two launches in the same year, Apple had confused its customers with their marketing policies and their naming systems. There was no iPhone 9 and critics are speculating that this new iPhone is probably not a proper upgrade from the previous versions.

The looks of the new iPhone will also not be any unique, probably having a screen size of 6.3 to 6.5 inches. It might use an OLED screen and be roughly on the same price range as iPhone X. Though the new iPhones have some impressive features, yet there were complaints of giving some of its customers' migraines with extensive usage. It is said that the new iPhone will not have many new features but Apple will try and fix the issues they had with their previous models. So this model might just be an iPhone X with its bugs fixed!

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