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Apple introduces new accessibility features

One in seven people of the world have certain forms of disabilities. Whether it is speech, hearing or sight impairments, one in seven people of this Earth are not designated for using the off-the-mill regular applications. Apple iOS accessibility team is working round the clock to make technology usable for everyone regardless of their physical stature, so that everyone can take advantage of the new assistive features. Here is a list of all the new assistive features that can help specially abled users to enjoy every form of infotainment and technology.

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While watching something on the iPhone, MAC or Apple TV a voice-over describes exactly what is going on the screen. Even the built-in apps support voice over which can guide the user by telling them what to do.

  • People with certain vision challenges like colour blindness can now adjust the screen colours and resolution to suit their unique needs. A preset range of colour filters are available which can be fine-tuned to fit personal needs.
  • The camera of the iPhone or iPad can be used as a magnifier at whatever it is pointed at. This is done so that the user can have a better look at things.
  • After activating Dynamic Type on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch the texts inside apps get enlarged so that they are easy to read.
  • There is also a screen magnifier that lets the user enlarge a particular section of the screen to see what is on display.
  • The hearing aids made for iPhone which works with Live listen apps now can be fine-tuned so that holding a conversation even in a loud place is not a problem anymore. While in a group, if the iPhone or iPad is kept closer to the conversation then the built-in amplifier would amplify the voices and help in better, clearer hearing.
  • We all know how popular face time is and now with high quality video transmission and high frame rate it is entirely possible to use sign language and hold a conversation.
  • While watching a movie many of us have the habit of reading the sub-texts. Now on Apple devices one will get the captions even for music and other sound effects. This will make way for a more wholesome movie experience for people with hearing disabilities.
  • The LED flashlight will keep on blinking whenever the user receives a text or a call.
  • There is a new “type to SIRI” options which lets user to type in their requests instead of using voice commands for Siri’s help.
  • With the home app installed in Apple devices it is possible to use the device for managing the house. Whether it is turning on the lights, switching on the TV or turning on the coffee machine- every simple task can be performed easily.
  • One can customize the gestures that are normally used on Apple devices from the assistive one-touch menu.
  • Apple watches come with fitness algorithms specifically designed for wheelchair-bound users. Special workout routines and activities are there which keeps track of every “push” much like counting steps.

These features are aiming to revolutionize the way apps and gadgets work with people with impairments. In future, these will contribute immensely to making life easier for them.

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