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Huawei smartphone business undergoes restructuring in India

The Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei has rejigged its top management of the India Consumer Business Group by replacing Peter Zhai with Peng Chao who has taken over as the new chief executive. Zhai moved back to China. As per the new structure, P Sanjeev who was the vice president sales at Huawei India Consumer Business Group will now be working on the building of an online presence for the brand. The director of product center at Huawei India, Allen Wang will focus on building the offline retail channel.

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This move is an attempt by Huawei at increasing its presence in the highly competitive handset market of India. It has not been able to make much of a difference so far despite entering the market much more other Chinese players like Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi who are among the top five smartphone players. Huawei is one of the top smartphone players in the world and is now aiming to become the top three smartphone players in the coming years through the offline to online strategy.

Honor brand from Huawei saw substantial success in the smartphone market with a growth of 146% in the first quarter of 2018 and it has acquired a 3.4% share from 1.4% in the first quarter of 2017 due to the strong performance of Honor 9 Lite and Honor 7X across the online channels. Huawei will remain focused on online as well as offline channels.

It has also started local printed circuit board or PCB assembly by setting up the surface mount technology line in partnership with Flex, its contract manufacturing partner near Chennai. Further, the company has expanded the capacity in order to support growth in the country. Huawei recently launched its first sub Rs.10000 smartphones in order to drive growth in India and to take on its competitors.

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