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Budget Smartphones for the Long Run

Here is a list of five smartphones that are the hottest picks - Htc desire 628h 2pvg200 dual sim(4g) This phone packs in a powerful RAM of 3GB

Our lives revolve around our smartphones. From the minute we wake up to the moment we close our eyes almost all our activities are correlated with our pet gadget. Whether we are looking for the nearest restaurant or shopping mall, reading our favourite novel or just socialising with friends- smartphones have almost become an extension of our being. And for that we need a phone that not only gives the best features but also a good battery backup.


Here is a list of five smartphones that are the hottest picks -

  • Htc desire 628h 2pvg200 dual sim(4g)

This phone packs in a powerful RAM of 3GB with 4G LTE connection enabled. It has 13MP primary camera and 5MP secondary with autofocus and LED flash. With 2200 mAh of battery power one can use this phone for the whole day without charging. However continuous 4G usage can reduce this time.

  • Motorola Moto G6-

With 5.7 inches of display and a powerful 4GB Ram, this phone surely packs in enough power to run up to 3 days on standby mode. It comes with a 3000 mAh battery power and 64 GB inbuilt memory support. The phone features Octa core, 1.8 GHz processor with 12 MP dual rear camera and 8 MP for the selfie cam. Priced at just under the Rs.15,000 mark, this phone offers a crisp full LCD display which is hard to find at this price otherwise.

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime-32GB

This Samsung phone features 3GB Ram and 32 GB inbuilt memory. The battery power comes at 3300 mAh which means no worries about plugging the phone for almost the whole day! The display is a 5.5-inch screen and a strong graphics processor ensures that the phone runs smoothly even with intensive applications. There is face detection and HDR imaging features. Priced under rs.14, 000 this phone can easily give a stiff competition to its peers.

  • Asus Zenfone 3s Max-

This smartphone’s main focus is its astounding battery life of 5000 mAh. This means one can watch movies, play high-end games with intense graphics endlessly and still at the end of the day the battery won’t be dead. Powered by 1.5 GHz Octa-core Mediatek MT6750 Processor ensures that the phone would run smoothly without any issues even on the most intensive apps. This phone features a 5.5-inch display screen and 13 MP rear camera plus 8 MP front camera.

  • Apple iPhone 6- 16 GB

This phone has long been a favourite with teenagers as well as professionals. Apple has recently launch a few high-end smartphones hence the price of the former sets have gone done a bit. However, that does not make any of its features less attractive. With 1GB Ram and 4.7-inch screen display the Apple iPhone 6 comes with a battery life of 1810 mAh power. Powered by Apple A8 processor and geared with 8.0MP primary camera plus 1.2MP secondary camera, this phone has a good feedback from users. One can go without charging the phone for a minimum of 18 hours while continuing 3G connection and medium brightness on display. This phone is priced just under the 15k mark.

Nowadays with new phones being launched every other day and technology outreaching itself every moment it sure is difficult to keep our priorities right. Budget, battery life and camera specifications are generally the three most important yardsticks while we decide on our purchase. With some research and homework, one can be sure of finding the right gadget for a good price.

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