Apple iPhone 8 VS OnePlus 6T: the Battle of the Bests

Let us have a discussion on the features of these two phones and we strongly believe that at the end you will surely be able to come to a decision as to which o

iPhone 8 from Apple and OnePlus 6T are two of the high-end phones of the day and are among the phones that almost everyone dreams of possessing! But which one among the two is better? The phones are often compared with each other and the users differ in their opinions in this regard.

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Let us have a discussion on the features of these two phones and we strongly believe that at the end you will surely be able to come to a decision as to which one to buy depending on your requirements as well as your budget.

Let us start with an analysis of the performance of the two phones. While the iPhone 8 comes with Hexa Core processor, the OnePlus 6T uses an Octa-Core processor. The former uses Apple A11 Bionic processor with 2GB RAM and the latter one uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 6GB RAM.  

The materials used in designing the OnePlus 6T include glass for the main body and metal for the accents. iPhone 8 has its body made up of glass and accents composed of stainless steel. The thicknesses of the phones are 7.7mm and 7.3mm respectively. The respective widths are 75.3mm and 67.3mm and weights are 177gm and 148gms. They are available in a wide range of colours like Midnight Black, Silk White and Mirror black for OnePlus 6T and Gold, Space Grey and Silver for iPhone.

As far as the storage space is considered, both the phones stand at a somewhat same position. Both of them have a storage capacity of 64GB. None of the phones, however, have an expandable memory.

As far as taking selfies is concerned, you will definitely prefer OnePlus 6T as it has a front camera of 16MP. iPhone, kind of, loses out here with its 7MP camera. Both of them, however, have the optical image stabilization feature. Also, both support continuous shooting mode and HDR mode and OnePlus, in addition, supports the Burst mode too.

The breathtaking display of iPhone is an IPS LCD display and the Optic AMOLED display of OnePlus 6 is equally eye-catching.

Coming to the battery, the lithium-ion battery of iPhone has a specification of 1822mAh whereas OnePlus has a lithium polymer battery of 3300mAh.

iPhone supports fast charging and can charge the battery to half of the capacity in just 30min. OnePlus, on the other hand, supports dash charging. None of the batteries are user replaceable.

Next, we come to network connectivity which is surely a very important aspect of judging any phone. The Apple Phone supports mobile hotspot and OnePlus supports wifi direct along with it. Again, the former is supported with USB 2.0 connectivity and the latter can be connected with a mass storage device and supports USB charging.

Both the brands can support a wide range of sim-cards starting from 4G, LTE and more.  

Last but definitely not the least, the prices for the two phones are Rs.64000 for iPhone and Rs34999 for OnePlus.

So if you prefer a phone with a comparatively reasonable price and better specifications in various respects go for OnePlus 6T and if you have a liking for Apple and its signature features you can buy the Apple iPhone 8!  

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