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OnePlus 6 launches in India today

The Chinese phone makes, One Plus has launched its next flagship, OnePlus 6 in India, only a day after its global launch at the Copper Box Arena in London. This is only the fourth year of the existence of the phone. OnePlus 5 sold 7000 units per minute last year. In India, it became the bestselling premium phone on Amazon within a month of its launch. It is extremely popular for the performance, design and enviable specs offered at a reasonable cost. Every edition of One Plus smartphone has only increased its following. It is one of the most recommended phones in its price category.

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The smartphone will be available in three colors including Midnight black which will have a matte like finish which is made of glass, another variant in Mirror Black which is glossy and a Silk White which is smooth and made from actual pearl powder under glass. OnePlus6 is expected to work faster and smoother. It is based on the new Snapdragon 845 processes and is the first phone in India to launch with this processor. The focus with this smartphone is on the speed. It is based on Android 8.1 but will also work with Android P’s developer beta version.

OnePlus devices have gained popularity amongst the youth and are known for being future-proof, powerful and top performing. However, the new device sports an iPhone like notch on the top of the screen which allows the shrinking of the edges around the display. The notch is being adopted by Android phone makers today. The screen of OnePlus 6 is 6.28 in with a 19:9 aspect ratio. The OnePlus flagship has optical and electronic image stabilization on the primary camera which is 20MP and 16MP.  The secondary camera has a quick face unlock and an upcoming update will include artificial intelligence algorithms in order to take self-portrait shots. It also plans to add show motion video in the future.


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