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Reliance Jio is planning to expand overseas

India’s biggest and newest telecom service providers, Reliance Jio is planning to expand beyond the borders of the country by setting up a subsidiary in Estonia. It has been the most disruptive player in the telecom industry for many years. Jio began the business by promising the users that it will never charge for voice calls which were also followed by low data prices on the network. By expanding into Estonia, Jio could allow access to the entire European Union.

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Estonia is the first country to offer an e-residency which is a government issued ID which anyone in the world can get. It will allow Jio to run a worldwide business based in the EU. Jio has also expressed an interest in establishing a business in Estonia. Jio has easily and single-handedly brought down the price of data in the country to a point where other telecom companies are finding it difficult to keep up with the new entrant. Since Jio entered the market, two of India’s leading companies-Idea Cellular and Vodafone have merged to form a single entity while the country’s leading telecom operator Airtel has recently completed its acquisition of Telenor.

Reliance Jio provides GSM telephone services as well as convergent and integrated digital network across more than 21,000 cities and 4, 00,000 villages.

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