Telecom Department gets strict on call drops, a meet on Jan 10

TRAI association has been constantly working to curb this problem of call drops. It keeps on regulating new rules for the telecom companies to penalize them for

New Delhi. With the deteriorating call drop situation, the Ministry of the Telecom Department will meet the telecom regulator companies and TRAI on this issue at January 10.

Indian Telecommunication department is always in news about its stand over the call drop issue. This time it seems to be quite strict over the issue and don’t want to give a second chance to the regulators. Even the TRAI, the telecom regulation authority is in favor of this move.

TRAI association has been constantly working to curb this problem of call drops. It keeps on regulating new rules for the telecom companies to penalize them for the latter problem. The call drop rates affect the easy communication that the people paid for.

Why this kind of situation persists?

The telecom companies are mushrooming like anything these days. They are providing the services to the customers in this competitive market to enhance their repo. But, when people face the call drop issue, they hardly want to get associated with these companies.

Call rates deteriorates because of the poor connection and the issues related to the connection with these companies over the connection. The call rates is being dropping inch by inch and by the time we want to connect with an individual suddenly a call drop occurs and we don’t know who to blame?

The government is taking a defensive stand over the issue by presenting the telecom companies as the major evil in this problem. The government on a serious note is working on these call drops to ensure a better connection among the individuals. Still all of this, the situation persists, and hence the meeting is likely to be held for the same reason.

The ministry of telecom Manoj sinha, will be meeting with the major telecom companies on this issue of the call drops on 10th of January. The companies have welcomed this step and assured the government for a full participation in this regard.

The secretary of the telecom department said that they want to bring the effective cellular connection among the individuals, and this meeting will cover the dealings of the issue about the same. It gave a slight indication, that if necessary they can take strict actions against the telecom companies.

What measures were taken by the government?

The SC in the recent judgment on this issue ordered the government to penalize the telecom companies for the call drops. In an effect to this order, the government on January 1 has put up a fine of 1 rupee per call drop penalization for the telecom companies.

As been said by the secretary, the government is all set to take strict actions against the telecom companies over the call drops. Although the companies are asking for time to resolve this issue, but it seems that the government is not at all in mood of giving the telecom companies a second chance.

Also, the recent debate on the Net Neutrality, and the government’s move over the same is a good indication of what government is supposed to do. It has acted on single policy of zero tolerance over the issues arising out the net ban or over the connection problems.

And the recent meet is all set to put the debate on fire.  The government is likely to propose some new regulations over the telecom regulation companies. It will soon make them to bend their knees and will force them to correct the call drop issues, if otherwise delayed government is all set for the heavy impositions on the telecom companies.

What can we expect from this meet on 10 January?

To reiterate the whole of the issue, the government is soon going to give a gift of better connection among the individuals in the cellular networks of their range.

The government may and should propose building more and more towers to eradicate the call drop issue, and at the same time ensure the health of the citizens by not putting them across the residential areas.

It is also suggested that the government should promote the effective communication among the telecom companies, and they should come up on the same line against the net ban or net neutrality.

The changes aforementioned will take some time to come in actions, but if worked on these issues, the government is all set to bring the effective communication the people of the state are striving for.

At last, it will be better for the government to take their views over the upcoming changes in the telecommunications, as it is the people who are going to face the heavy loads of these changes.

Hope that this meeting will come up with some good news for the people.

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