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Small scale business ideas with low investment

Tuition Center: Education has always remained a profitable business idea in the country. You can start a tuition center from your home without making any

With the ease of doing business in India, it has become possible to turn your business dream into a reality. As against common belief, starting a business does not require you to invest your life savings. Not every business needs huge amount of investment. There are certain businesses you can start with a minimum cost in India. Some low cost and lucrative business ideas have been listed below.

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  1. Tuition Center: Education has always remained a profitable business idea in the country. You can start a tuition center from your home without making any investment. You can choose to teach the students individually or in groups. You need to be knowledgeable in the subject you intend to teach.

  2. Event organizing: Event management is an emerging industry in the country. Most of the times, individuals do not have the time and energy to plan their event and handover the entire process to a team. This is where an event manager makes the difference. This business requires you to be creative, have contacts with reliable suppliers and remain committed to the deadline.

  3. Food delivery service: Many people choose a food parcel service in order to save time and efforts involved in cooking. Although there are online delivery options, many people still prefer home cooked food. To start a food delivery service, you need to have a methodology to deliver the food at the destination. Quality food and quick delivery will help your business grow.

  4. Blogging: Blogging has become a platform for people to share business ideas and opinions through posts, online content and videos. It is a business which can earn you recognition and income. Blogging is considered as a backbone for every business. It requires knowledge of the genre you are working in and also required strict dedication.

  5. Handicrafts: A low investment business, handicrafts can be made and sold by anyone. Creativity pays off and pays well in the field of handicrafts. You can also enter the market by buying them from different regions and selling them at reasonable rates. The market for handicrafts is huge and growing.

  6. Photography: Starting a business as a photographer is not easy. It requires skills and talent of clicking good pictures. Photographers are high in demand and if you really like the field, you can enroll yourself in a photography course before you take it up as a profession.

  7. Cooking classes: If you are a good cook, you can use your skills to teach cooking online and offline. You can use an online platform like YouTube to launch your own channel for cooking. It is absolutely free and will allow you to reach out to hundreds of viewers. Alternatively, you can book a studio at a low cost and conduct cooking classes, which is highly cost effective, taking into consideration the number of hours into account.

  8. Travel agency: If you have the knack of planning itinerary and spending hours on the internet looking for the cheapest and most effective ticket option, you can try your hand at running a travel agency. With the increasing number of travelers, you will not only be able to guide them but can also act as their tour guide to various places. This will give you an opportunity to explore the destination yourself.

  9. Packaging services: Small and medium businesses do not have a separate department for packaging and usually outsource the job to small businesses who can pack the stuff and meet the deadlines. With a creative mind and adequate packaging material, you can start the business today.

  10. Fashion Boutique: A lot of creative minds tend to spend their energy into starting a fashion boutique. All you need is a touch of advertising and quality stock to reach out to the right people.

Majority businesses depend on your personal interest and professional skills. If you are passionate about a particular field and think that there is potential in it, you can start your business in that field.

Most of the times, types of business what people starts depends upon the interest areas and professional skills of that individual. If you are an expert and think that there is something which your potential customers can pay for, you can start that. Take advice from people in the industry and do not over think things from the start. Be patient and allow it to grow.


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