Top 10 Investment Banking Companies in 2018 in India

JP Morgan Chase: This is the best investment bank in India right now. It provides various services like securities services and investment banking. The firm

Investment banking companies play a prominent role in the development of an economy. Considered as one of the growth accelerators for India, we have listed the top 10 investment banking companies which lead the sector.  

  1. JP Morgan Chase: This is the best investment bank in India right now. It provides various services like securities services and investment banking. The firm is known for its services rendered in case of mergers and acquisitions and is the third largest US deposit base bank.

  2. Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sach is a leading investment bank with different branches in the country. They provide services to the government, financial institutions and high net profit individuals. It focuses on four important segments like investment management, investment banking, lending and institutional client services. It earned about $5 billion as investment banking fees and has more than $100 billion market capitalization.

  3. Bank of America Merrill Lynch: One of the best investment banks in the world, Merill Lynch has branches operating in India since 1964 and offers financial services like book dealing and investment advisory management. It has earned $4.5 billion as investment banking fees and has branches in more than 150 countries. It has a strong track record of producing profitable returns for its investors.

  4. Morgan Stanley: The bank has been operating in India for the last two decades. It is one of the fastest growing firms in the world and has a track record of producing long term profits to investors. Some of the services provided by them include capital management for corporations, government and individuals. With branches in more than 36 countries and 200 million customers, the bank is renowned across the globe.

  5. Citigroup: The bank is a subsidiary of the Citigroup and provides services like brokerage and consumer finance. It has more than 150 million customers and an asset to the valuation of $1.801 trillion. It is recognized as one of the primary dealers of Treasury security of the United States.

  6. Deutsche Bank: The best investment banking firm in the world, Deutsche Bank has an excellent track record. They serve more than 70 countries with 1 million employees and provide services like foreign exchange.

  7. Credit Suisse: The bank has three subsidiaries-private banking, investment management and asset management. It has received numerous awards for global research expertise and advisory work.

  8. Barclays Capital: Barclays is one of the largest banks in the UK. It has a few branches in India and provides services like risk management for institutional clients and government. It has its branches in 29 countries globally.

  9. UBS: This is the best bank that operates in India in addition to 50 other countries. It provides various services like risk management, asset management and wealth management.

  10. Wells Fargo: The bank does not have an Indian origin but it has branches in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The bank is well established and serves almost 23 million customers.

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