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Orkut makes a comeback in India with JetSynthesys

Orkut says hello to India with JetSynthesys. It is a leading digital innovation and technology company and Hello Network Inc, which is founded by Orkut Büyükkökten, founder of It is a joint venture in India called Jet Hello. In this joint venture, JetSynthesys will be responsible for the larger business strategy and operations for Hello in order to strengthen its reach in the Indian market. The Hello team will continue developing technologies to bring a world class platform.

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Hello will be providing Jet Synthesys an access to the global talent pool and an experience in social networking from Orkut himself. Further, JetSynthesys will leverage the existing products and its network of influencers in addition to the pool of celebrities so as to derive the synergistic value for Jet Hello. Managing Director and CEO, Rajan Navani of JetSynthesys Pvt ltd mentioned that Jet Hello aims to provide its users with a fresh, interest based social networking experience. They already have an expertise in the Indian market, which, when coupled with strong operational experience in bringing mobile apps to India will allow them to strengthen Jet Hello’s presence in the market in India.

Orkut mentioned that making a social network for India which is driven by communities and allows connections of likeminded people is the focus this time. He added that the team is committed towards enhancing the social network experience of every Indian user and they are happy to say hello to India, once again.

Hello was launched in 2016 and has received tremendous response across different geographies including Brazil with more than 1 million downloads and active users spending more than 320 minutes on the app every month.

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