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Future of artificial intelligence in 2018 India

Convolutional Neural Networks The convolutional neural networks are learning models which have an advantage of requiring cleaning of data. It is used for sol

With technology playing a prominent role in our lives, it appears as if the future is here. As technology continues to evolve and dominate our lives, artificial intelligence has taken a center stage and continues to hold the imagination of public on what the future could be. Innovations like Amazon’s Alexa, SnapChat’s filters and the recommendation system of Netflix are perfect examples of AI entering the life of individuals. The AI component which is a star in AI is deep learning. It is a model of data learning which has improved standards of prediction accuracy. It has experienced huge success in the field of computer vision and speech recognition. Let us take a look at what can we expect from AI in 2018.

Convolutional Neural Networks

The convolutional neural networks are learning models which have an advantage of requiring cleaning of data. It is used for solving visual image classification and is now beginning to be applied to various cases. Visual world is compositional hence images can be broken down into their elementary features and convets have an ability to recognize such compositions and create abstractions of the world which will make recognition of tasks easier.

Facebook currently uses Covnets for photo tagging and face detection features. Convets will be a major part of self-driving cars in 2018, with Tesla’s model X already using them for self-driving feature. Companies are expected to begin finding diverse applications for the learning models.

Strengthened security by AI

Machine learning and deep learning models are vulnerable to attacks. In supervised machine learning, the testing and training data come from the same data distribution. If the data is distorted, then the accuracy of prediction will significantly suffer. Taking this into account, security giant McAfee expects digital treats to leverage machine and deep learning in 2018. These models will help the threats disrupt detection models and learn from defensive responses. It will exploit discovered vulnerabilities much faster than defenders can patch them. McAfee engineers have an advanced threat research team which will create solutions for vulnerabilities. Research is underway on this end.

In the last three years, Ai has exploded in public space and has offered a number of exciting products. There will be an increased presence of AI in 2018 and the years to come, especially in mobile applications. With mobile hardware becoming powerful, it will be able to support complex deep learning tasks. In the years to come, developers will be able to deploy apps that support prediction of text and image recognition without requiring any knowledge of machine learning. Clearly, the future of AI and deep learning is promising but only time will tell how fast we see the changes and progress.

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