The rise of robots across the World

The Robocop is a humanoid robot that is equipped with a touchscreen to allow people to report crimes, pay fines and chat in a variety of languages. If this robo

The debate between artificial intelligence and automation invasion across the lower level and Mid level IT jobs is never ending. With the recent layoffs by the IT sector, it is hard to ignore the emergence of robots across the World. Wipro has achieved productivity worth of 12000 people in 1800 HOLMES bots across the IT sector. It cannot be denied that technology is taking over the world and it is changing faster than you can imagine. Recently, the World’s first operational Robocop was launched in Dubai and it assisted people in the mall and across the streets. This robot will be used on public streets and it is in an attempt to make one quarter of the police force robotic by the end of 2030. 

The Robocop is a humanoid robot that is equipped with a touchscreen to allow people to report crimes, pay fines and chat in a variety of languages. If this robot proves successful, Dubai aims to use more of them in the coming years. Another machine is the Robot Priest, Bless U-2, which has been developed in Germany. The robot has a touchscreen chest, a head and two arms. It has been offering blessings in a choice of languages and allows people to choose between male and female voice as well.

Artificial Intelligence machines are easily replacing humans across the World. Robots are replacing humans in many day to day activities and various companies are working to develop robots that will replace humans and increase productivity. As per a Morgan Stanley forecast, almost 20% of production for Nike and Adidas will move towards automated factories by 2023 due to the shift towards ecommerce. Investments are consistently pouring into robotic companies and these bots are everywhere. From food serving companies, to construction sites, robots are being developed in order to replace humans.

Concerns about whether robots will take up one’s job are increasing across every field. The Oxford University researchers have estimated that 47% of the US jobs could be taken over by robots by 2033. Venture Capitalists are investing in robotics and consider it to be the future across the World. Depending on the profession and skills possessed by you, it can be determined whether a robot can replace you or not. For a cashier at a Bank, there are higher chances of being replaced by a robot while there are lower chances of replacement for a manager. The robotics industry is expected to be worth $135 billion by 2019 and the year 2015 saw an investment of $587 million in robots.

The goal of the robot industry is to build single purpose robots that will do one thing very well. It is hardly surprising that major IT companies will aim to replace humans with AI, so as to automate repetitive processes like customer support. The recent layoffs across the Nation has served as an eye opener across various professions and it has forced people to upgrade their skills and work in sync with the latest technology. 

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