Top 5 dividend paying stocks in India 2024: Boost Your Portfolio with High Returns

Investors see dividends as a crucial element as they provide a way for investors to earn returns on their investments. This was a key motivator for new investors, and just a couple of years back, when technology wasn't the focus of the stock market, it was a crucial consideration for novice investors before making investments. Changes in mindset have been brought about by technological advancements and data-driven investors.

However, dividends continue to play a crucial role in stock investment. Below are five dividend paying stocks companies that have declared dividends for 2024.

1. ICICI Bank Limited 

ICICI Bank Limited offers a range of banking and financial services including commercial and retail banking, project and corporate finance, insurance, venture capital and private equity, investment banking and broking. One of the best dividend paying stocks. Operating revenue over the past 12 months amounted to 10 billion won. 199,044.47 Cr. It shows excellent annual revenue growth of 18%, excellent pre-tax profit margin of 25%, and excellent ROE of 16%.

2. ITC Ltd

ITC boasts an impressive operating revenue of Rs. 70,278.34 Cr. Over the last 12 months. Its financial performance stands out, including impressive annual revenue growth of 17%, commendable pre-tax margins of 36%, and outstanding ROE of 27%. ITC is recognized as one of the high dividend paying stocks.

3.Infosys Ltd

Infosys achieved an impressive operating income of Rs. 152,686.00 Crores. Over the past 12 months. Financial soundness is demonstrated by an average annual sales growth rate of 21%, a pre-tax profit margin of 23%, and a return on equity of 31%.

4.Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is engaged in providing IT services, digital and business solutions. It is one of the best dividend paying stocks in India. On a 12-month basis, it generates an operating revenue of Rs. 232,081.00 SAR, reflecting outstanding annual revenue growth of 17%, a significant pre-tax margin of 25%, and an exceptional return on equity of 46%, making it one of the best dividend stocks.

5.State Bank of India

State Bank of India achieved an impressive operating income of Rs. 540,660.26 kr over the past 12 months, achieving outstanding annual growth of 16%. Notably, it achieved a great pre-tax margin of 16% and a good return on equity of 16%. Therefore, it is located among the best dividend paying stocks with high profits.


Q.Should I invest in dividend stocks?

A.Yes, there are a lot of advantages. However, there's also a price to pay for those benefits. The most obvious advantage of dividend investing is that it gives investors extra income to use as they wish. This income can boost returns by being reinvested or withdrawn and used immediately.

Q.What is the king of dividends?

A.A Dividend King is a publicly traded company that has both paid and increased a regular dividend every year for at least 50 consecutive years

Q.Do you pay taxes on dividends?

A.They're paid out of the earnings and profits of the corporation. Dividends can be classified either as ordinary or qualified. Whereas ordinary dividends are taxable as ordinary income, qualified dividends that meet certain requirements are taxed at lower capital gain rates

Q.Is dividend better than stocks?

A.The relationship between dividends and market value

Dividend-.paying stocks, on average, tend to be less volatile than non-dividend-paying stocks. And a dividend stream, especially when reinvested to take advantage of the power of compounding, can help build wealth over time. However, dividends do have a cost.

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