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Zoom App Updated with 4 new features. Check them Out!

Video conferencing platform, Zoom App updated with 4 new features. The California-based company says these features are designed to improve team collaboration and the customer experience in its video telephony program.

New features introduced include an integrated email and calendar clients feature, a virtual co-working space, an AI chat bot, an AI-powered virtual coach for sales professionals, and a marketplace for app developers. Integrated email and calendar features will reduce the user's need to navigate outside of the platform while still accessing the tools they need.

The integrated mail service feature offered by the company is called Zoom Mail Service and will provide active Zoom Mail users with end-to-end encrypted email capabilities. Meanwhile, the built-in Zoom Calendar service will include an appointment scheduling feature, which will allow users to limit the time available to meet on Zoom.

Zoom App Updated with 4 new features

Meanwhile, the company said in a blog post that a "constant video space" created within the platform will be available in early 2023 to support inclusive conversations and keep team members connected.

Zoom's smart chat chatbot and AI solution is called Zoom Virtual Agent and will use machine learning and natural language processing to handle customer issues. Zoom's new virtual agent will also be available in early 2023.

The company will also offer a virtual IQ coach as part of IQ for Zoom, which is designed to help sales professionals hone their offering with recommendations and tips. “It will simulate a variety of selling scenarios to give sales reps a hands-on environment where they can improve their offers, gain insight from leads, and receive real-time content suggestions while talking to them,” Zoom said.

Zoom is also enabling administratively authorized app installation, through the Zoom App Marketplace, which will allow app developers to provide and manage apps that interact with the platform.

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