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High-End Restaurants Owned by Indian Cricketers

Indian Cricketers have won our hearts on the field and now they are also trying their luck in the hotel industry. From Virat Kohli to Ravindra Jadeja, here is a list of five cricketers who have opened their own restaurants and are running them as a side business.

NUEVA by Virat Kohli

1. NUEVA by Virat Kohli

King Kohli is everyone's favorite. Especially after his recent performance in an IND VS PAK match in T20 World Cup 2022. He rules our hearts and we just can't help him. In addition to being a brilliant hitter on the field, Virat also has a keen interest in food and exercise. Combining great taste and health, Virat’s "Nueva" opened with a fully vegetarian menu. Virat himself has customized many of the restaurant's dishes to his taste, resulting in fun, exercise-friendly dishes like the Superfood Salad. Hotel Nueva is located at RK Puram in Delhi and is very famous for its elegant atmosphere and delicious food.

High-End Restaurants Owned by Indian Cricketers

2. Jaddu’s Food Field by Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja belongs to the colorful land of Gujrat and this is where he chose to open his "Jaddu’s Food Field" business. Located in Rajkot, Jaddu's Food Field is one of the most popular meeting and event venues in the city. The restaurant has an impressive menu of Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican and Italian food. It's colourful, lively and has great food and music. What else do you look for in a good restaurant?

High-End Restaurants Owned by Indian Cricketers

3. DINE FINE by Zaheer Khan

Located in Pune, Dine Fine was opened by Zaheer Khan in 2005. As his name suggests, it is a fine dining restaurant that offers excellent food and a very distinctive and luxurious atmosphere. Zaheer also opened a high-end Sports bar in Pune called "Toss Sports Lounge". Each of his projects are very popular among locals and tourists.

High-End Restaurants Owned by Indian Cricketers

4. Elevens by Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev has blessed Patna, Bihar with its cricket themed restaurant, Elevens. It can be a perfect outing for cricket fans as well as cricket-loving families who love the excitement that a cricket-style restaurant can offer. The restaurant serves Indian, Asian and continental cuisine.

High-End Restaurants Owned by Indian Cricketers

5. Tendulkar’s by Sachin Tendulkar

Our Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar also once opened a restaurant called TENDULKAR'S. Although named after one of India's greatest cricketers, the restaurant was not very good and had to be closed. But does our love for "SACCHHIIINNNN SACHINNN" make us any less? of course not!

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