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Soon, use voice notes as your WhatsApp Status update

WhatsApp is said to be testing an option that would allow users of the messaging platform to update their WhatsApp status feature via voice messages.

The report states that voice Status Note Updates, or "voice status," will allow users to record and share a voice memo in their status tab; This is similar to sending voice messages to other WhatsApp users in a chat window. The report says that this feature will allow users to update their status using audio cues, in addition to existing options such as photos, videos, text updates, GIFs, and emojis.

The voice message feature will be end-to-end encrypted and will only be shared with the contacts specified in your status privacy settings.

Also, since the feature is currently being developed by the Meta-owned service, there is no timeline for when it will be available to the public. Also, this option will be released first for beta users of the app. A broader app will be released once WhatsApp resolves the bugs, if any.

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