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Recharging mobile to cost more on Paytm, PhonePe as they start levying platform fee

There was a time when payment apps like Paytm and PhonePe offered cashback to encourage users to pay utility bills using their platforms. Now these apps have started charging their customers for recharging their mobile numbers, paying electricity bills, etc.

What is the platform fees?

According to the PhonePe app, the platform fee is a nominal fee for using PhonePe to recharge/bill, regardless of payment mode and includes GST. However, if the mobile recharge fails, you will be refunded the platform fee along with the recharge amount paid (including GST).

How much do you have to pay as a platform fee?

To top up your mobile number using the Paytm app, you will be charged a platform fee of Re 1 for each mobile phone top up. PhonePe charges a platform fee of Rs 2.

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A 30-day Airtel mobile recharge of Rs 296 will cost you Rs 297 on Paytm app and Rs 298 on PhonePe app.

The interesting thing to note is that not everyone is charged for this platform fee; it is being charged to the select users only. Therefore, if you are not charged, you may be charged such platform fees in the future.

Netizens complain

According to netizens, paying electricity bills through the Paytm app charges Rs 5 per transaction.

However, it's important to note that other payment apps like Google Pay don't charge such fees. In addition, if a person uses a mobile number operator's website or application to recharge the mobile and uses these applications to make the payment, the platform fee will not be charged.

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