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Mastercard users will soon be able to pay with their smiles

Gone are the days when you had to rely on cash to buy taxis, cars, or even groceries. This is because UPI, or Digital Payment Method, has made transactions easier for users. However, digital payments will soon lose relevance as Mastercard's new biometric program will allow users to make payments just by smiling. No, it is not a fiction but a reality announced by the company in a press release. Mastercard announced that the new biometric program will be rolled out globally. The program is currently being tested in Brazil.

     mastercard facepay

"No more fumbling for your phone or searching for your wallet when your hands are full. The next generation of personal payments requires only a smile or wave of your hand. Proven technology that uses your face or fingerprint to unlock your phone can now be used to help consumers pay faster," Mastercard said in a blog post.

The blog went on to mention that users can simply check the bill and smile in front of a camera. You can also pass your hand over the reader to pay. This would not only speed up transactions, but also give users the freedom to choose how to pay. "The checkout system can be integrated with loyalty programs and personalized recommendations to help consumers find products they might be interested in based on their previous purchases," the blog says.

Registration on the platform can be done in store or at home via an app. Mastercard currently only operates in five supermarkets in São Paulo, Brazil, but the program is being rolled out globally. Consumers visiting these supermarkets can register their face and payment information through the Payface app and, once registered, simply pay at the checkout without a card or mobile device.

"Mastercard is working with partners including NEC, Payface, Aurus, PaybyFace, PopID, and Fujitsu Limited to ensure these new payment features are rolled out and scaled around the world," the blog post states.

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