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World Cup is time to slack off in Brazilian businesses

When Brazilian football team takes to the field during the World Cup, workers back home will put down pens, papers, computers and tools. The games in Russia will be shown either in the morning or noon due to the time difference. Football is considered sacred in the biggest country in Latin America and nothing will get in their way of watching the games. About 28 percent of the service sector businesses will allow their employees to stay away or to watch the games when Brazil plays and almost 17 percent have prepared viewing areas at the place of work.

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It is not possible for people to concentrate on work during a world cup match. The employees are being given a mini stadium experience which features dozens of flags hanging, pretend terracing and artificial glass. There will also be sandwiches and popcorn during the game. This nationwide slowdown also means better business opportunities for others. The overall economic effect is expected to be largely neutral and 28 percent of businesses will see an increase in the income during the month long championship and about 23 percent businesses will see a drop.

Netshoes, the Brazilian sportswear giant in Sao Paulo has put up an artificial turf in the elevators and given its employees a ball to play with. It helps make sure that the workers watch the games in the office instead of going out. There has also been a special visit from a Brazil star Denilson who was a part of the winning team in 2002. Only about 30 percent of the employees will continue working during the games in order to ensure that the business does not stop.

On the other hand, the World Cup is a time for restaurants to maximize their profits. With many reservations from businesses, the restaurants have started serving breakfasts for early morning matches. During the time of the World Cup, even the foreign businesses have to learn local customs. At Michelin tire factory, west of Rio, the production line is operating 24 hours but the workers will be allowed to stop during the changes of shift whenever Brazil is playing.

The State employees will also manage to catch a break. The government has allowed them to adapt the working hours around Brazil games as long as the essential services remain uninterrupted.

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