Top Biotech companies in Bangalore

These are the top Biotech Companies in Bangalore: 1. CellKraft Biotech Pvt. Ltd.CellKraft Biotech is a leading firm in India, having been created on April 4,

Bangalore's biotech industry has grown considerably in recent years. In India, this city is the epicentre of biotech and IT industries. The majority of the companies listed are India's largest biotech firms. Because of its large-scale market sales, the city also ranks fourth in the world. They also export a significant quantity of their products to other countries.


These are the top Biotech Companies in Bangalore:

1. CellKraft Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
CellKraft Biotech is a leading firm in India, having been created on April 4, 2018. They are a multidisciplinary firm that specialises in in vitro pharmacology and toxicology, as well as drug testing and assay biology and medicinal chemistry. COVID-19 Viral Transport Medium, Liquid Antibiotic Solutions, De-ionized (Type 2) water and Ultrapure (Type 1) water, Animal Cell Culture Medium, DNA/RNA Isolation Kits, and Buffers are among the products they produce. They are also a life sciences contract research organisation.

2. Sangene Biotech 
Sangene Biotech was founded in 2004 as a Front-Line Research and Development Center Institution. They teach students studying Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Enzymology, Fermentation Technology, Phytochemistry, Immunology, and Proteomics and give research and training solutions to industries. It is a leading Contract Research Organization that focuses on offering the best service to present and emerging Biotech, Pharma, Food & Beverage, and other industrial demands. To improve their Employability Index, they've collaborated on studies with a number of academic centres, colleges, and biotech companies.

3. BioNome | A Biotechnology Company 
BioNome is a biotechnological firm that specialises in bioinformatics and computational informatics in the biotechnology area. Industrial internships in clinical data administration are also available, as well as field and research internships in advanced bioinformatics. They give you the best intern experience possible, with strong trainers and seasoned faculty members who give you their all. Their purpose is to provide a comprehensive platform for all students to work towards achieving their professional goals. They also prepare their students for specialised projects and provide them with a venue to publish their scientific articles in publications.


4. Genei Laboratories Private Limited
GeNei laboratories first opened their doors in 1989. They design and manufacture cost-effective, high-quality life science products. They have all of the protein science reagents and molecular biology kits, as well as all of the teaching and diagnostic kits. In the biotechnology industry, they also offer a number of unique services. They also deliver products from other national and international producers. All of the products are of great quality, ensuring that the buyer receives the best.

5. Stellixir Biotech
Stellixir Biotech is a contract research company (CRO) specialising in preclinical research. Professionally skilled and experienced top knot research scientists conduct in vitro free chemical toxicity investigations and stem cell research. They primarily focus on anti-cancer cell-based drug screening, biomarker analysis, 3D spheroid culture, predictive toxicology, and stem cell assay creation and screening. The organisation wants to create regulatory standards and provide high-quality services going future. They are always consistent, dependable, and quick to respond. Their vision is to become an outstanding service partner for all pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic clients.


6. Mother Agri Biotech Laboratories India Pvt Ltd
Mother Agri Biotech Laboratories India Pvt Ltd is a private company based in India.
Mother agriculture laboratories are some of the top pharmaceutical firms in the world, and they believe in offering their services at a low cost. They make a wide range of items that help trees, plants, and crops thrive. Their goal is to save and extend the life of a tree while keeping it healthy and beautiful. They guarantee the highest quality and will assist you before and after the sale.

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