Best Women Entrepreneurs In India 2022! She Is The Game Changer

Women Entrepreneurs in india Contribution to India's EconomyWomen own 20.37 percent of MSME businesses in India, accounting for 23.3 percent of the workforce. T

Women entrepreneurs in india and their growing presence in India have had a tremendous impact on the country's social and economic demography. Women's participation in the labour force has aided millions of families in escaping poverty and has resulted in the creation of jobs. Best Women entrepreneurs in india are known for their leadership abilities, and as a result, they dominate new-age industries such as electronic manufacturing, where women make up more than half of the workforce due to their high-precision work and higher productivity levels. This positive attitude toward work, as well as outstanding business abilities, has highlighted the relevance of women in today's workforce.

Women Entrepreneurs in india

Women Entrepreneurs in india Contribution to India's Economy

Women own 20.37 percent of MSME businesses in India, accounting for 23.3 percent of the workforce. They are thought to be the economy's backbone. According to McKinsey Global, increasing women's involvement in the labour force in India might add US$ 700 billion to global GDP. Women make up a bigger share of workers in the manufacturing and agriculture industries than men. These industries are often credited with assisting families in escaping poverty and contributing to increased household income. Furthermore, literacy rates among women increased by 8.8% in FY21, highlighting the country's promising future.

Impact of Women-Led Businesses

Women-owned enterprises give the economy a huge boost. There are 432 million working-age women in India, and 13.5–15.7 million women-owned companies employ 22–27 million people directly. In addition, a large percentage of firms are run by women. Indian women are powerful entrepreneurs with a strong desire to start their own firm. Over a five-year period, start-ups formed or co-founded by women generate 10% greater total revenue, according to Boston Consulting Group. These start-ups have a more inclusive work environment and employ three times as many women as men. Furthermore, in the following five years, women-led firms are expected to grow by 90%.


Factors Influencing Women Entrepreneurs in india 2022 Decisions to Start Businesses or Enter the Workforce

50 percent of India's start-up ecosystem is led by women entrepreneurs, thanks to:

  • Women entrepreneurs in india are motivated by recognition in the form of admiration, regard, esteem, and reputation. According to a Bain & Company poll, more than 45 percent of Indian women in rural areas felt compelled to establish their own business in order to acquire attention.
  • Results show that start-ups run by women had a 35 percent better return on investment than those led by men. Women are more likely to start their own firms as a result of their potential to earn higher profits.
  • Providing for unfulfilled needs: A major issue is women's natural desire to provide for their families. Women are motivated by the need to create a better lifestyle since they make 85 percent of purchase decisions.
  • India ranks among the top countries in the world for producing female graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), with up to 40% of female graduates in this field. In the domains of science and technology, Indian women are game changers.

In India, there are a lot of women-owned businesses.

In India, women run 45 percent of start-ups, with over 50,000 being recognised by the government. In 2021, the country saw the most female-led start-ups become unicorns. Major start-ups run by women are listed below.


In India, a woman's mere possession of a bank account was considered a big achievement. It does, however, have more than 15.7 million women-owned businesses, with women leading the start-up ecosystem. This dramatic metamorphosis exemplifies the ability and determination of Best Women entrepreneurs in india. In the decades that followed, India will undergo a tremendous transformation, with women dominating the workforce and moulding and strengthening the country's destiny. By 2030, it is predicted that over 30 million more women-owned enterprises will provide 150–170 million jobs. This might be a game-changer, making the economic future appear more promising than ever.

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