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This Coolie’s Son Left A Well Paying Job To Start His Own Business Now Earns Rs 286 Crores A Year

All successful entrepreneurs have worked hard to achieve their status. We have all heard of many rags to riches stories that have been nothing less than an inspiration. While some of these stories are about people who started their businesses decades ago, there is a story of a recent entrepreneur recent

PC Musthafa started his career with a humble background and with many struggles he has reached a point where everyone is writing about him.

Know About PC Musthafa

PC Musthafa, from a remote village in the Chennalode in Wayanad district in Kerala, is a son of a coolie who worked at a coffee plantation.

Since the financial situation of his family was not very strong, Musthafa began to help his father after school. Though his parents were reluctant for him to compromise with his education, the struggle was too real for Musthafa to not contribute to his family.

Mustafa's iD Fresh Food, Fresh Food,packed food,healthy packed food

The workload was so great that his education finally suffered. He flunked in the sixth standard by eventually worked hard and topped his class in 10 boards. He kept working hard and successfully earned a degree from NIT which eventually helped him get a job in an MNC.

Foundation of iD Fresh Food & Its Success

His work with multinational companies took him to a country like Europe and the Middle East where his career really boomed. But Musthafa had different plans.

Upon returning, Musthafa started an FMCG company, iD Fresh Food, which makes batter of Idli and Dosa. He started this company with the help of his cousin and they started selling 100 packages a day. Today, iD Fresh Food sells more than 1,000 packages per day of packed healthy food.

In the 2015-16 year, iD Fresh Food achieved an annual turnover of approximately Rs 100 crore which increased to Rs 182 crore in the year 2017-18. For the current financial year, Mustafa's iD Fresh Food has clocked revenue of Rs 294 crore, representing impressive growth in such a short period of time.

Source: Marketing Mind

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