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Rain Technologies launches marketplace for fully automated, algorithmic investing, and trading models

Mumbai: Upstox founder Raghu Kumar and hedge fund manager Harsh Agarwal’s fintech firm RAIN TRADER has launched RAIN Trader, a web-based platform that offers a unique marketplace of fully automated trading and investing algorithmic models. RAIN TRADER enables users to experience a hassle-free, fully automated, algorithmic trading experience. Users can simply browse the market, discover and subscribe to algorithmic (quantitative) models with the click of a button.

Launched in 2018, the company has developed a quant algo-based investment platform called RAIN TRADER for a niche clientele comprising retail participants, proprietary trading firms, institutional investors and HNI's.

RAIN TRADER is an automated marketplace for retail traders to make algo trading effortless for all. Raghu Kumar, co-founder of RAIN Technologies, said the product aims to bring the entire trading ecosystem together on a single platform, home to automated trading.

He added: "By availing fully automated trading and investment models, users can now participate in the stock markets without stress. They can spend their free time doing other activities in life, and RAIN TRADER makes possible."

Harsh Agarwal, Co-Founder of RAIN Technologies, said: "At RAIN, our top priority is to the most innovative tools and features for our users. We want our users to enjoy the fully automated and algorithmic manner."

Source: Economics Times

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