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5 Best Indian Companies to Start Your Career - Business2Business

Do you want to start your career with some of the best companies in India? Starting small will definitely help you reach great heights with these top-notch companies that are not only known for what they do, but also for the best employee satisfaction. If you want to get started early, submit your request through their website today!

Tata Consultancy Services

In fact, TCS has some of its employees working from home. About 75% of the workforce is scheduled to work from home by 2025. Additionally, the company has also instituted pay raises at least twice a year for all of its employees.


Despite the WFH culture, Infosys aims to hire 26,000 new employees to improve employment rates rather than laying them off like other companies.


In addition to having 50,000 employees in PAN-India, the company will employ another 75,000 in the next three years. This

Ernst & Young

Around 10,000 people will join Ernst & Young this year. Most of these employees will be hired from a STEM background.


Amazon has a pleasant work environment. In 2020, the company employed about 3,00,000 employees. This year, it aims to create 1 million job openings in various sectors.

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