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PM Modi Announces Launch of India-US Climate Agenda 2030

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced the launch of the "India-United States Clean Energy and Climate Agenda 2030" Partnership to address climate change. Modi announced at the Leader`s Summit on Climate, hosted by US President Joe Biden, in the run-up to the Global Climate Meet, COP 26, held in Glasgow in November.

"President Biden and I are launching India's clean energy agenda in America to mobilize investment, demonstrate clean technologies and enable green collaboration," Modi said in his speech at the two virtual summits of 40 world leaders and Heads of State.

The announcement of the US-Indo collaboration came days after the US special envoy for climate John Kerry visited India, where the prime minister called for the implementation of a robust climate action plan.

Many of the leaders who attended the summit announced plans to cut emissions. While President Biden said that US emissions will be 50% to 52% lower in 2030 compared to 2005 levels, Chinese President Xi Jinping mentioned his country's net goal for 2060, as well as plans to reduce coal consumption from 2025. Modi said that India's ratio to Capita carbon footprint represents a small fraction of the global average and that the country is taking "bold steps" despite huge development challenges.

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