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Google Meet new features: Noise cancellation, voice amplification, auto participant framing

Google has partnered with Lenovo to launch a new batch of Meet for workplace video conferencing at the post-pandemic workplaces.

Called "Google Meet Series One", includes a camera, a soundbar with eight mics, and a touchscreen remote.

"Series One offers with the best of Google AI built-in. People can join meetings touch-free with their voice, enjoy studio sound with enhanced noise cancellation, and take advantage of smart capabilities like automatic participant framing," said TJ Varghese, Product Manager at Google

Series Uno offers TrueVoice, multi-channel noise cancellation, and voice amplification technology that minimizes distractions.

The Smart Audio Bar uses 8 beam-forming microphones and the largest kit configuration can process up to 44 channels simultaneously.

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"All Series One room kits benefit from the same technology used in Google's data centers, integrated directly into the Meet Compute system and the Smart Audio Bar," Varghese said in a blog post-Tuesday.

Each Series One kit includes a 4K smart camera, regular or extra-large, that captures every detail, with the Smart Camera XL, which features a resolution of 20.3 megapixels and a 4.3 x zoom.

The Series One Compute System is specially designed for Meet on Chrome OS, making it easy to install and upgrade. 

Google said: "Everything is managed securely through the Google administration console, including device configuration, health check, and minor troubleshooting without having to visit the room." 

As the room size changes, groups can be expanded with more microphones, an additional soundbar to fill the room, and stereo sound. 

The company said that the devices always run with the latest firmware, security patches, and new innovations.

Google added: "For added peace of mind, Series One groups come with three years of Lenovo Premier support."

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