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WhatsApp may soon add new feature to keep chats hidden

WhatsApp is working on a feature called Vacation Mode that was first spotted in the instant messaging application’s beta version almost a year back. This feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo, which is a website that tracks the latest features that are being tested in beta. However, the company seems to have shelved its new Vacation mode launch plan.

Now a recent report from WABetaInfo claims that vacation mode can get back on track and might even roll it out for Android users. Vacation mode is basically a feature that allows the user to have better control over the archived chats on WhatsApp and keep the chats hidden even when the archived chats receive a new message.

WhatsApp new feature

Currently, archived chats are saved directly in the section under Chats. With a new feature called Vacation Mode, users will be able to keep chats archived on top of chats or keep them hidden when not in use.

According to the report, when the new feature is enabled, archived chats will move to the top of the chat list. After implementing the holiday mode feature, a new button called Notifications will also appear in the archived section. The user can choose the behavior of archived chats with the new Notifications button.

The user can choose to notify new messages. When active, archived chats will work as the current stable version. However, the user can disable it. This will keep the messages archived to stay in the archive even after new messages arrive.

The second option is called Auto-hide inactive chats: When this option is enabled, any chat that was inactive for six months will automatically be sent to archived chats.

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