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WhatsApp new feature: Business owners can now use QR codes to reach customers

WhatsApp recently introduced  QR codes to the user platform where users can share contacts with each other simply by scanning these codes. WhatsApp now introduced the QR code scanning feature in WhatsApp Business application. These QR codes will act as a consumer entry to reach business with an official WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp claims that with this feature it will be much easier for the consumer to ask questions, obtain information, or find something they want to buy.

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WhatsApp started in its official statement that "QR codes are a digital gateway that makes opening a conversation with a company as easy as possible. Previously, when people came across an interesting business, they had to add their WhatsApp to their contacts, a number in every Now, people can simply scan the QR code that the company shows in the showcase, the product package, or the receipt to start chatting. 

QR codes are available for companies around the world that use WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business API.

The new feature will give users easy access to business interactions. Scanning the QR code will open the conversation with an optional preloaded message that the company has created to start the conversation. With application messaging tools, companies can quickly send information, such as a conversation starter catalog.

WhatsApp launched the feature catalog last year. Catalogs allow companies to view and exchange the goods or services they provide. WhatsApp claims that more than 40 million people view WhatsApp's business catalog every month.

WhatsApp will make catalogs and individual items available for sharing as links on websites, Facebook, Instagram, and other places. If people want to share the catalog, they can simply copy the link and send it to WhatsApp or other places too.

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