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Pakistan moves 20,000 soldiers to Gilgit-Baltistan LoC

New Delhi: Pakistan has moved two divisions of troops along the LoC in occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, and Chinese officials are in talks with cadres of the terrorist group Al-Bader to incite violence in J&K, according to data. intelligence, indicating clearer signs of border cooperation between China and Pakistan.

Pakistan has moved nearly 20,000 additional soldiers to the LoC to coincide with the Chinese deployment to Latin America and the Caribbean in the east. The level of the forces deployed by Pakistan is more than after the Balakot airstrikes. Pakistani radars are also believed to be fully activated throughout the region.

The simultaneous accumulation on the borders of Pakistan and China and the efforts to incite terrorism in Kashmir has led to the prospect of a two-front war and the fight against terrorists in Kashmir, the worst-case scenario that strategists fear of the reality.

Sources have said there have been a series of meetings between Chinese and Pakistani officials in recent weeks, followed by a backlog of troops in Gilgit Tastan, the region adjacent to Ladakh in the north. The reinforcement comes at a time when thousands of Chinese soldiers have been heavily deployed throughout LAC in eastern Ladakh, regardless of the intrusion at various points that led to a tense standoff.

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Any construction at Gilgit-Baltistan would require additional responsibility for the Indian army, which deployed a credible force in eastern Ladakh to confront China. After J&K split, Gilgit-Baltistan became part of the Ladakh Federal District but was occupied by Pakistan. The neighboring Kargil-Drass region, where India waged a war to evacuate Pakistani intruders in 1999.

According to intelligence reports, Chinese officials have held meetings with cadres of the Al Badr Group, a Pakistan-based terror group with a history of violence in Kashmir. "The assessment is that China can provide support to revitalize the organization. This is one of the signals we have received indicating that Pakistan and China are cooperating on the ground."

Earlier this month, J&K Police DG Dilbag Singh said there was evidence that the long-destroyed full moon had been revived for operations. These signs of cooperation are troubling as tensions persist in the Latin American and Caribbean region, and the talks make no progress and increase the focus of the People's Liberation Army in eastern Ladakh, regardless of Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Sikkim.

India is monitoring air bases in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir after a Chinese fuel supply plane landed in Skardu earlier this week. Chinese air activity increased against eastern Ladakh, increasing the possibility that the PLA  Air force would be used by airbases in Gilgit-Baltistan. Limited activity was observed at  Skardu airbase, where an IL 78 aircraft from the Chinese Air Force landed earlier this month.

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