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How the world missed Covid-19’s silent spread

Munich: Dr. Camilla Roth was about to leave for dinner when the government laboratory rated the surprising result of the test. positive. It was January 27.  She had just discovered the first German case of the new Coronavirus.

But the diagnosis made no sense. Her patient, a businessman from a nearby auto parts company, could have infected by only one person: a colleague visiting China.  And that colleague should not have been contagious.

How the world missed Covid-19’s silent spread

The visitor looked healthy during her stay in Germany. No coughing or sneezing, and there are no signs of fatigue or fever within two days of long meetings. She told her colleagues that she began to feel ill after the flight back to China. Days later, she was positive for the coronavirus.

Scientists at the time believed that only people with symptoms could spread the coronavirus. And they assumed that it acted like its genetic cousin, SARS.

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