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Amazon USA | Amazon adds chain of small warehouses to reduce delivery time

Amazon USA- On Tuesday, the world's largest online retailer will update the same-day delivery program for buyers. Amazon guaranteed that the packages arrive several times a day.

This initiative highlights the company's goal of staying fast in the online retail space, avoiding free two-day offers from competitors so that shoppers stay true to the Prime Club and the media-streaming club Prime, which costs $ 119 to the year in the United States.

Amazon USA

Amazon USA has always provided a one or two-hour delivery service through Prime Now, a service that includes fresh food and more than 20,000 items.

Jon Alexander, Director of Amazon Delivery  Experience, said the same-day offer would now guarantee the delivery of more than 100 million products, from chargers to dog food, in less than five hours, from a new warehouse near each launch city. By way of comparison, Amazon USA offers more than 100 million items for delivery in the US. For two days or faster through Prime.

Amazon USA
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"A smaller choice allows us to bring this type of facility to customers," he said. Additional items, up to 3 million, will go through the facilities on the way to customers on the same day.

The new coordination combines the compliance functions of Amazon's storage, collection and packaging centers with the classification and delivery functions for other facilities in a building.

Compared to distribution centers, which are far from urban centers and many more stores, the new warehouse is approximately one-tenth of its size, with 100,000 square feet. Amazon says short driving times will help you keep your carbon promise.

The company declined to comment on the cost of the facilities. Amazon, formerly known for spending money, often states that warehouse building is one of its biggest investment areas.

According to Alexander, Amazon generally rents existing spaces and changes them to accommodate the process.

Amazon USA

The new facilities are automatically launched with the same "driving units" used in Amazon distribution centers (Amazon USA). These are squatting robots, which lift their floors and shelves transported out of stock and take them to associates who choose customer orders. Amazon said each building would create hundreds of full-time and part-time jobs.

While the same-day option is covered for Prime members who spend at least $ 35, there is a fee for those who do not have Prime $ 12.98 per order, a tactic that can attract people to register.

Picture Source: Factory Daily, NPR, The New York Times 

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