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OnePlus has just made an announcement about the Concept One. It is the first concept phone by the company at their CES event.

We have discovered that the major feature of this phone is the invisible camera electrochromic glass technology. For this phone, the company came into partnership with McLaren again this time. The backglass of the Concept One phone makes use of the organic particles so as to create transparency changes because of which the glass that will be covering the camera lenses can be easily shifted within an instant from opaque black to completely clear. Basically, this helps in hiding the cameras on the phone.

At the same time, the Concept One phone also uses a variable neutral density (ND) filter. Because of this feature, the phone can create up to ND8 with this glass. This means that it can easily cut eight-light stops from entering the camera lens. This will particularly be helpful to click pictures that require longer exposures, the wider aperture in the highly lit situations, and more benefits.

This glass is what is usually used in cars and planes. OnePlus has claimed that they have managed to make it thinner than the industry average. We figured that the glass panels on the phone are only 0.1mm each. And is a combined total of just 0.35mm. This is very thin just like the display glass protector film.

When we compare it to the Glass back on the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, the Concept One has used a leatherback in a stunning Papaya orange color and a PVD-treated aluminum alloy frame. This is the very first in the industry. It helps to make the frame shine in a lighter more subtle manner.

Real leather is being used in the back of the phone. Interestingly, you will find that the same material which is being used in McLaren's cars is used on the phone. The leather gives it a supple and a nice feel. The back of the phone has been bifurcated by a glass sheet down the middle. When it is combined with the sides made of metal, it gives a pleasing texture.

The Concept One phone only takes about 0.7 seconds for the glass to easily shift from solid black opaque to entirely clear. This is done even faster than the camera getting fully activated. Also, this function used almost zero power. It has taken a lot of engineering work to get this speed that too using negligible power.

The team of OnePlus had said in a statement that they had spent a total of eight months to figure out the best look, speed as well as power consumption for the phone. This was decided after testing over a hundred options.

The innovation used on the Concept One phone has been limited to the backside and the sides of the hardware design. You will find that the rest of the phone is the exact same as OnePlus 7T Pro except the front hardware, the specs and the software of the phone.

OnePlus has also explained that their R&D department is further working on refining the technology and exploring more options to bring it under production. But, the company has not confirmed a time span when we can expect this technology in the products.

Image Source: Marques Brownlee

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